Remove stacking from competitive

And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself.

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He’s not saying to abandon stacking all together.

He’s saying players should be given an option to opt out of matches with anyone who is stacked, which is reasonable.

I tend to duo with a few friends, and let me tell you how frequently we are the only stack in the match. And in many matches it’s an unfair advantage, whether that’s us having stronger coms, or just more consistency with each other.

There should be a competitive mode that allows players to not have any stacks in their match. It does create an unfair advantage and encourages Smurfing and Duo Boosting.

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What if stacking was restricted and reworked so as to be less abusable, as well as have fairer consideration in matchmaking?

Currently, the matchmaker only really considers a stack to be the sum of its individual players. This is a horrendous oversight that turns matches with or against a large group into “stomp or get stomped”.

Perhaps there could be some way for groups and teams to be given their own rank/MMR, separate from the individual players’ ranks/MMR. At least in Competitive, perhaps with restrictions added so a player couldn’t keep changing groups for an MMR reset.

Idk how that would be possible with smurfs being in the game avoiding MMR stacking together.

A solo queue would be amazing though. Help combat boosting, smurfing and toxicity.

Smurfs seem to be a given in this game, group or no group. They happen because high-ranked players care too much about their rank on their main account to risk things like trying new heroes, or playing extremely aggressively and feeding, etc.

Boosting/carrying players is another incentive that exists, but it’s not the entire reason that players smurf.

You’ll see smurfs who are solo queueing and smurfs who are grouping, it largely doesn’t make too much of a difference - grouping only makes it easier for them to maintain a lower rank, but they could otherwise do it on their own through “soft throwing” if they wanted to.

not every game with stacking u get are smurfs.

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More often than not you do.

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No!! Not fair that the enemy team has teamwork!! I should be able to solo carry my team?? /s

The enemy team had a group of 3 or more smurfs, and I was stuck with a random group of bots.

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Happens everytime huh? Its always the enemy team made entirely of smurfs, while you’re the ONLY competent member of your team right?

Nobody every complains if the smurfs are on their team though.

if i had the option i would avoid playing with stacks 100% of the time.

usually they are terrible, they get placed against solos that are better than them, and they always blame people not in the stack for their losses.

honestly playing with a stack is a toxic nightmare and it should be gone.

smurfing, toxic stacks, new accounts 600SR over where they should be, poop off tanks that just play for passes but get carried by main tanks half the time so they never fall.
nothing that makes ranked terrible is being changed in OW2.


Stacking in this game needs to be SPLIT UP. for Ranked and UNRANKED modes of the game. Within the Last 3 years, the trends of how people abuse one another strictly revolves around buddy-stackers and they are very noticeable between the two.


I am tired of solo Q’ing in this game and being treated like a PUNCHING BAG by the buddy stackers on enemy teams and the Caustic pricks that I am forced to play with, going “boohoo, ur throwing” despite they have healers that REFUSE to peal n’ heal.

1 ) Only folks that want this to remain are those stackers and they State that the Q time will go through the roof.

2 ) The folks that Say "go play the game with friends or stack with people are the same people that have friends whom still play the game. All mine dumped this game after year 2.

3 ) The people that say “go make friends in this game”… ROFL, this game is a reality check in itself.

If Solo Q players really were accepted by stackers, then here is a good message to them:

stop abusing people that Q solo and then spend 90% of the time POUTING that they are supposedly THROWING the game, when clearly people don’t want to be in your stupid group in the first place.

match maker put us there, GET OVER it. If you need to focus that one player that doesn’t have a friend with them, just to justify your existence in this game. Well gee look, you contributed to the problem.

Blizzard should take the approach of giving those players a short of 5 on their team so then maybe they’d get the hint to act like Civilized human beings instead of egotistical try-hard dirt bags towards one another.

Cant find another player. GOOD, your buddy stacks get a 3+2. And the last slot remains unfilled. Not like any of your stackers treat Solo Q players like human beings anyway.

No just no lol we need a solo que competitive playlist where its solo players against solo players. That way stacks can stay playing against stacks its the simplest way