Remove role queue now

I’m pretty sure they mentioned it some time after Blizzcon, or Jeff said “at least one”

still, if it is going to make it worse, most ppl would rather it not happening at all. which i think is still the better choice to do that instead of what it is now.

im not suggesting those as someone who WANTS them…theyre just alternate (and possibly better options imo)…i too am a flex player and play in QPC all the time myself…

but i dont subscribe to the idea that the game will just default to QPC…if you remove 222 role queue and do NOTHING…sure…but neither of the options im suggesting are that…

like i said…there are many ways to add structure to the game that arent FORCED 222 FOR EVERYONE…

its silly to think that when they considered adding that to the game that it was the ONLY option on the table…its the one they went with

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This game was a mess prior to role que. I’ll just leave again if they remove role que.

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Go and play QPC, problem solved.

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Smooth way to prevaricate to promote your agenda: drop Jeff’s name and hope that the person on the other side of the debate is… what? Not informed enough? Too stupid or lazy to look up relevant information? This is exactly what Jeff said on the subject in the 132 thread:

He also said:


What’s the Role Q video, he states that most games in competitive followed the 2-2-2 format

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Role queue or not. Either way is fine. I don’t like those restrictions though. 1-2-3 is quite fun.

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What, the BlizzCon of 2017 video, where he was trying trying to spin the announcement that Blizzard will not be implementing role lock, and that the growing demand for such a system on the forums and social media is just smoke without a fire? That video? Yeah, that’s fresh and exciting news! Why don’t you go back even further and dig up a video where he says that Blizzard does not perceive a problem with multiple same heroes on a team and will not be imposing hero limits.


No thank you. I rather lose in RQ then the chaos of QPC

Well said sir :smiley:!

I’m starting to enjoy QPC more, but being willing to flex helps.


5 dps rarely happened, so you can drop that already.

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Good for you but its no longer my cup of tea. So to speak~

No, I get it. I play QP as well. You do get some writers games in QPC, certainly. Beat a 6dps team last night.

6 dps. Yikes! I hoped you gave them a whooping hahaha

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A better way to do this would be
Tanks split 1/3 the SR total from win.
Dps split 1/3 the SR total from win.
Support split 1/3 the SR total from win.

So say the total team SR gain was 240 for the win.
Each Role would split 80SR
If there is 1 TANK 4 DPS 1 SUPP , let the 4 dps enjoy their 20 SR each while the TANK and SUPP get 80 each.
And say you swapped between roles 50% tank and 50% dps. Then you would take that percentage of the role SR split with the rest being split amongst the others in the the role.
So you would get 20 from tank (50% of 40) while the other tank got 60
And you would get 10 from DPS (50% of 20) while the 3 other dps got 13.33333

The other scenario what if no one played Tank or Support and it was 6 dps. Would they split the total or 80? I think if you win with 6 dps you should split the total. If there was 5 dps and 1 support. Even split between the roles. Support gets 50% of total, 5 dps split 50% of total.

You want to play 4 dps? Go for it.

I wanted to think up a losing scenario also…but I just woke up and am tired, but I am sure the smart people at Blizzard can take it from here. But the system should reward and punish based around ideal 2-2-2 and those that choose to play outside of it should lose more SR than those playing the required roles. This way people can still choose.

Also if you wanted to implement Performance based multipliers on top of this split SR you could.

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then give me a good example of at not going into 132, 141, 042, 051? the way i see how this will work will always have to have less than 3 dps in a team. but player count definitely wont let that slip.

even with all those not less than 1 of each role kind of flexibility, most of the time will still ended up with more than 2 dps.

so if you have good suggestion, im all ear. like real good suggestion.

5 dps is not rare.
20 char

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5 dps often happened, so you can drop that already.