Remove Leaver Penalty, Please

No, they will not remove leaver penalty because your internet sucks.

If you KNOW you’re going to have internet problems, do your teammates a favor and don’t play comp.

If you play comp knowing that there is a good chance you will be disconnected, well, you completely deserve whatever punishment you receive.

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Thanks for your original and innovative ideas.

I mean, it’s not blizzard fault neither other players fault. Not having an stable power supply and network, it’s up to the player. If you read ToS and FaQ about it they explain very well.

Doesn’t matter how many ways blizzard tries, it’s not great punish 11 players for the sake of one. That’s why several events like this triggers season bans, instead of fewer triggering it. They do queue wait times because they don’t want folks with issues keep playing and ending up being banned without feedback or consideration.

They do their part, it’s up to the player find alternatives or solve their problems. Because at end of the day doesn’t matter if was accident or not, everybody had a choice and everybody know the risk. Willing to bet on it means sometimes you lose the bet. Games are way of living for some, like a soccer player, football player or e-sports player. Their lives depend of the state of the game.

So while I sympatize, I couldn’t consider any of this as their fault. Because in the middle of care-free players using the mode for fun, there are hardworking players trying a way for living. It’s not fair for them for the sake of “fun” because the mode the goal it’s not fun. Competitive ruleset is play for win not for fun, because several folks didn’t cared about the mode, even pros often uses game browser or qp. So it’s a real issue affecting real people who does comp for living.

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I’m not claiming my power outages/internet outage is Blizzards fault. I am simply saying that this is an issue for many players, and that the game could be adjusted to be more considerate of this fact.

There are many different ways the system could be changed. I made a few suggestions already on this thread. The thread is for brainstorming new ways to address this, and make the punishment less cruel. If you read the entire thread you might see these suggestions/ideas.

Not everyone has the privilege of multiple internet providers, or living in an area with stable internet. Not everyone have $150 to spend on an UPS when they lose power either. So, saying it’s up to the player to find a solution is callous and unfair, we all paid the same for the game.

I am not saying there can’t be some form of punishment in place, just that the one currently is a tad too much. We’re talking about competitive OverWatch, not OWL. Nobodies life depends on that, please spare the dramatics. Competitive is a mode for fun. It’s just for more competitive players. And like I said, we all paid for access to it.

Who exactly do you think “does competitive mode for a living”?

When the problem isn’t with the game, but with the player. The issue it’s with the player and it’s up the player to solve their own issues or deal with it.

Let me tell about a friend of mine who was really bad at the game:

“He started the game in 2017, was really bad at the game and ended up in bronze. Got motivated and study a lot about the game, at 2019 was on top 500. He got incentives on his city, got chances on local tournaments, got even spot to play on contenders. Until 2020 he needed to change his place of living, because his parents was group risk from covid-19 and he was the only person who could take care about them. So his new place. Has bad internet and really remote place, he knew that he couldn’t play comp and don’t have any idea when he will switch places again. So each weekend his friends try to do some pratice matches with him on game browser or keep contact with him. He in a match can have up 32 disconnections and they don’t mind because they know it’s the only way he could play the game and not losing his skills too much. He started to climb as personal goal and his friends helped to him got a way of living from it.”

That happens even today, we think that at end of 2022 he could go back to his old city and return his matches. Some folks doesn’t realize that even if you don’t play OWL you can get some visibility by performing well and having a good ranking. It’s a way of living for some.

You paid for the game, abide by the rules, got rewarded and punished by the same rules.

I saw all posts, I also done my contribution. I even addressed network issues not only power issues. Take your time and check previous posts.

It’s too much? Play a mode that you can be banned for entire season or have lifetime ban it’s a joke and needs to be “fair” for folks who don’t care about the mode? Dude read the FaQ and ToS. You can return the game to prevent 11 folks have a bad game under 1 minute, at least you don’t mess with other folks game. The same penalty applies to make you have enough time to go at same match and help your team to win. They could increase the time, but it’s already 2 teamfights, more than that would imply even more heavy burden on the team

Sorry but the “dramatic” person here isn’t me, while I provided a sad story I don’t showing victim sympthons because the penalty. At first I was sympathetic with your situation, that’s why I provided constructive options for you, because I know the impact because of my friend’s situation. But after your issue was addressed you started to complaint about something that you are not obligated to play comp in the first place, it’s a choice like a choice of play comp with network or power issues or even hardware issues. That’s not blizz issue to solve they don’t need to address that kind of issue, all “suggestions” ended affecting at least one more player for the sake of one problematic. So mess entire experience for one more player or 11 it’s egocentric.

This kind of thread it’s really common, several posts was done like this in the past. The majority addressed network issues. The problem of a individual can’t be great to the point to negatively affect other individual. That’s why affecting other player or others to solve an inconvenience for one it’s a bad way to solve that individual problem. They provide you up 1 minute to rejoin, otherwise they inform you and penalize you to make sure you can try to address your problem(for all scenarios) if you don’t get the game within the minute margin.

Oh man, a book.

You seem to be missing my point entirely. I’m not telling Blizzard to solve my disconnect issues. Disconnect issues though can happen to any player at any time. This becomes a problem when Blizzard has such cruel and unusual penalties in place for disconnecting. I don’t know of any other game with such harsh penalties.

With your logic, nobody should ever play comp again if they disconnect, because it could happen again. ANYONE can disconnect.

It’s really not for the majority of competitive players.

I get you’re really against change, even if it’s for the better for some reason. I’m not.

You saw all the posts, but comment as if you haven’t read the majority. Maybe you went back before your last post and actually read it tho. I’ll have to take your word for it. I don’t need to check previous posts, unlike you I actually have been reading everything.

You’re being irrational and making baseless accusations. I wouldn’t be here, trying to come up with solutions and ideas for improving the game system if I didn’t care about the game. I’d appreciate if you stopped with the accusatory and condescending attitude. You’re way off base here. I’ve read the ToS, thanks.

You were indeed being dramatic. You can stop trolling and trying to be dismissive now. Nothing you have provided was helpful, whatsoever.

Also, I am pretty sure you’re boosting accounts, and that’s what you meant by people make a living playing comp.
I can find more if you want. It’s not paarticular from blizzard.

That’s why you have the 1 minute margin and can get the queue penalty. Instead of ban in the first problem.

Failover network, nobreak, ups, batteries even mobile data. You have 1 minute to return to the match.

While I know that can be annoying it’s fine because most of the time the player can return below 1 minute or that incident it’s uncommon either way.

I’m not trolling, I provided constructive feedback without messing other players gameplay. You solved your problem with UPS you bought, folks who couldn’t buy it they could try other solutions, what we can’t do it’s approve negatively impact someone for the sake of someone who knows that can happen and done nothing to solve it.

While once or two I had this issue, I know friends that ended up being banned for competitive season. So it’s more a matter of choice to keep playing with issues than actually address the problem or just avoid comp. On FaQ already says: “serious nature of competitive”

I maybe went overboard when I said egocentric, but the point is: if you negatively impact someone who didn’t done anything wrong for the sake of someone who are “wrong” in that case. Means some distopia and unfair solution, don’t you agree?

Leaver penalties are not going away and in fact we have seen that penalties have increased throughout the years. In the long run if you have a poor home setup (power, internet, etc.), you need to consider not playing Competitive Play. Former Game Director Jeff Kaplan even encouraged this when addressing another person who dealt with disconnection issues.

Source: Old Overwatch Forum Archives

If you do have disconnection issues that you are having problems localizing, troubleshooting is available.


THANK YOU! This is exactly what I said.

Every season your time resets so I doubt this.

Hahaha. Yeah, that is fair. And true. I’m waiting for the big steamer, and then thread lock.

You’re welcome! Sometimes the simplest solutions are overlooked. :slight_smile:

Still trolling I see. Glad we have Wyoming here to ignore it and not enforce any of the forum rules.

I am not a moderator. I have flagged posts appropriately for violations of the Forum Code of Conduct, but I am here to inform what you need to know. I am a player like everyone else who hates dealing with leavers in our games, but I am also someone who knows the values of fair play for everyone. In short, the game is as balanced as it can be to handle leavers, those who disconnect, and those are impacted by leavers.

As a matter of personal opinion, I believe the starting 15-minute suspension is not strict enough, I rather see it where there is a 15-time low-priority queue where you have to remain in queue before you find a match, and if you disconnect during that time, then chances are you should be playing a high-stakes mode then. I myself have had my fair share of technical issues and they feel awful when they do, but I make sure I play with a known stable connection and computer system, and I am not impacted from one-time issues. That is what I call responsibility.

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Okay, so you’re responding as a customer then? Not as a representative of Blizzard? Your replies are incredibly unprofessional.

Correct, forum MVPs are players who are knowledgeable about the game and provide help and information, which is why I linked the starting guide to connection troubleshooting in my original reply.

I’m suggesting that you not ruin people’s competitive matches when you already know you have an unstable connection.

I’d say that one that joins a competitive match, knowing full well that they are likely to disconnect, is the troll. You know there is a good chance you will not finish the game, yet you join anyway. Seems unfair to your teammates, doesn’t it?

well if you dont have a stable internet connection, dont play ranked LOL.

if you leave for longer than 2 min, meanwhile a match is not longer than 20 min, your fault.

the only thing thats stupid, is when you leave/dc from a match that hasnt even been startet, even if you rejoin within 10 sec you still get suspended and lose 50 sr. now thats really dumb

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