Reminder that Mercy on-fire bar is still broken since 2017


Since her rework which saw many nerfs, the on-fire ratio is still broken to this day and completely off-scale not only against her fellow counterparts, but even against the entire roaster.

It was changed within the rework and it’s based primarily on rez ratio, which however created a problem with the mechanic already mentioned. Getting on-fire with her now has become a damn miracle, even if you’re staying alive, healing/buffing whatever possible and ressing whenever possible. This happens because Mercy used to have multiple rez charges in the rework, but now only 1 each 30s.

For reference, the average on-fire ratio/match of the whole Overwatch hero pool is around 9.69%
Mercy’s one is 2.57
If we compare it to supports only, it becomes 9.43

Blizzard please fix this issue once and for all.


This issue goes on for years but Anna gets quality of life improvements at at drop of a hat. While medals and potg are not really a good reflection of who is really performing, my worry is that the on fire system plays some part in the sr gained or lost. If it’s broken then some hero’s may benefit more.

Also I seem to remember the devs saying that part of the reason dps is so popular is because the game just gives more visible / tangible positive feedback for dps. You feel like a boss when you appear all through the kill feed - whilst many important plays go unnoticed.

I get that they are busy, but surely this is merely aa maintenance issue.


Can Ana get a qol that lets her get play of the game when you save a teammate by canceling an ultimate, heal 2 to full, assist in a kill, and final blow someone before ulting a dps that wipes?

Isn’t this a little off-topic?


I was directly addressing the point someone made? Um… Lol?

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I have a feeling the on-fire meter is one of the things that’ll be reworked with OW2, so maybe they’re holding off on fixing it till then?

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I don’t think this is true, I played a game the other night as Moira where I 5v6 the enemy team all game and I got 22 SR and was on fire for so much of it, and the previous game I got 26 SR where I was on fire less

If it is true though, then SR gains are borked for Moira.

This is such an easy, minor thing to improve, it means a lot if you actually play the hero, but Blizz don’t give a darn about their feedback systems or UI.

The on fire system as a whole is a travesty and still looked like it was being used for OW2. I hope it’s at least heavily tweaked in some manner.


if this was the case, Ana could nano boost herself by now


I hope so, but the fact that passed such a long time since then, lead me into thinking they just didn’t care or forgot about this issue.

Would be nice if we can get their attention on this tho.

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Sad thing is that I’m sure they are aware of it but haven’t touched it for some reason.

I hope it’s not lack of care but…


How hard would fixing something like this be? Don’t they have like a simple factor for on-fire gains that they could tweak up? They already did this with Moira at some point when she got 2/3rds of POTGs by simply existing and doing things without necessarily even being part of the multikill that happened :rofl:

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Can someone explain to me the importance of being on fire? I think it is more useless then the medal system.

It was a big deal then because we noobs still thought that On-Fire meant you charged Ult faster. Now I sorta wish all heroes were like Mercy. Because after all these years you still like hearing Mercy say she is on fire, whereas all the other heroes can’t shut up about their fire.

For Mercy, it actually feels rewarding to get on fire because of how crazy difficult it is. Heroes like Sombra hear it 30 times per match, while Mercy is typically less than 3 or 4.

I remember getting an on fire card for Mercy with 69% MVP (:wink:) and feeling like it was the most amazing thing ever.


It’s because Mercy’s Boost isn’t enough to be worth using for Fire Points… Or anything non-burst related. And while she usually gets the same or higher heals, it’s also not enough since she’s generally doing nothing in between. At the end of the day she’s too reliant on her team to do anything. Even in terms of being useful she has to rely on her team.

Which was her flaw since day 1 and is why Mass Rez existed for so long despite being problematic. Because that was the only thing she could mostly do by herself (after letting her teammates die on purpose lmao). Now she can’t do anything by herself. Unless you count the Super Jump, which achieves nothing to fix her core issue.


It’s representative of mercys contribution to the game, just be happy your giving on fire to your teammates.


So you’re saying Mercy contributes next to nothing for her team…?

Well technicaly the game is telling us she isn’t contributing anything to the game, givern her overall on fire rating is waaaaaaaay less then all the other characters.


I mean you get fire points for interacting with the enemy, or healing. Mercy doesn’t really do much of either. I mean yeah you can heal a lot on Mercy, but you’re gonna be a damage boost bot the majority of the time.