Reminder that Mercy on-fire bar is still broken since 2017

You have to do all the things to get her to light up. Ult, rez, shoot someone, heal someone else, then kill that Phara, all in an endless string. Or just heal sooooo many people, for sooooo long, that the system finally cries “uncle” and lights you up. “I’m on fire, but this witch doesn’t burn.”

Maybe if they fixed how slow her pistol to staff swap was, it miiiiight be a little easier to do multiple things quickly and get on fire. It’s just rarely worth the delay to switch in most fights.

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I think most of your fire output comes from being an aggressive mercy during Valkyrie, has earned me a couple of potgs in my lifetime, just passively healing all game (boring) shouldn’t be rewarded with fire.

I can trigger fire status with every other main support by strictly healing within 20 seconds. Why is Mercy the exception?

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It is useless. It’s why we want change, so it is less useless.

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it doesn’t the devs have said such, Also the SR system works by comparing your stats with only other mercy players while playing mercy. So even if the on fire gauge did have an effect it would only be compared to other mercy’s who have just a hard time doing so.

Because Mercy bar doesn’t react that much to healing.

It reacts heavily on the rez ratio and on kill assistance (healing or buffing someone who got a kill). But still, it’s very hard to be able to rez consistently or supporting the right person which is going to get the kill, heck here’s why the issue exists.

Damage amplified is grossly underestimated and unfortunately, her tricks with Guardian Angel(bunnyhop,superjump etc.) aren’t taken into account either.

If the on-fire bar could react to the movement tricks (+x for movement completed without dying) and would value more the effect of the blue beam, she could be probably fixed.

yall really worried about the wrong issues :joy:

She contribute s everything to her team even onfire…just like her playstyle.

the on fire system is a blanket for all heroes, you get certain amount of charge depending on your actions and sadly for Mercy none of her actions charge the meter all that much, damage for example has the highest charge reward, as well as kills naturally

problem with Mercy is that healing gives I think 25 points but if I’m not mistaken it has sort of a cooldown that doesn’t refresh if Mercy stays connected to the same target

Healing critical allies does give charge points though but I think the amount of points received depends on… basically how much you can burst heal, so for example Zen receives like a 100 for healing critical allies when he ults but Mercy only gets 25 for saving anyone because you don’t get them back to full health inmediately

Plus there’s the cooldown issue, if the cooldown between points rewarded was shorter then Mercy would be on fire ALL the time for simply juggling between a allies, the on fire meter is supposed to gauge your skill expression during a game and sitting there holding left click isn’t particularly skillful

Not like all Mercys do that but when you actually do a lot of stuff then you get on fire as any other hero would, succesful rez + a few pews from your gun is one of the most easy ways to get on fire on the game

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The devs have said a lot of things and have been dead wrong on multiple occasions. Almost as they don’t play their own games. Which is a common observation among blizzard devs.

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They programed the game M8, it’s not like when they tried to make balance predictions m8.

They build and alter the system to their pleaseing, even then like I said

So if ever mercy has trouble to get that on fire gauge to work then your being placed between players that have the same issue. That of course if the devs were lying to us about the fire gauge influence.

Be it that their are top 500 mercy players so you know it’s not keeping them from climbing.

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Still better than infinite daily threads
about “X hero broken, please nerf”

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