Remembering Sym 2.0

laughs in Nostalgic Symmetra

No joke though, that lock-on beam was broke as hell.

Jeff about Symmetra 2: Felt cute, might delete later

I would miss tp flanking but, yes, I do prefer Sym 2.0

Symmetra 2.0 although niche was a masterpiece. I personally believe similar to some other hero reworks she could have been fine tuned with QoL/balance changes (such as addressing the controversial lock-on) rather than largely scrapped and recreated to what we have now.

There was so much variety in her gameplay at the time with different strategies, placements of ults, and so on. I remember all the times myself or a close friend would go Sym 2.0 on attack and absolutely rain terror. It was risky no doubt, but when executed properly? Chef’s kiss

I’ll always miss Shield Gen, Photon Shield, and the old Teleporter as an ultimate. Sym 3.0 is fine, but my preference will be 2.0 100 times over.


I can’t take these posts serious when you have dedicated thousands of hours to one hero
Even if that is hyperbole Here is why sym will not get any full buffs
Look at Mcree first
He as you was a glass canon then blizzard buffed his stun and hp so he had better survivability
now he reloads basically instantly
has 25 extra health
a stun that lasts almost a second
and fth is just as broken if not better because you have that fast reload

Now let’s look at symmetra
She also is a glass canon she got the 25 hp buff which wasn’t as big of a deal as Mcree since Mcree also has a stun and somewhat of an escape ability? I mean if you consider roll an escape ability? idk I don’t really though you roll fairly far now
ANYWAYS if you sym main’s want more damage or a longer beam then compensation nerfs need to happen longer beam? nerf damage
More damage? shorten beam or nerf turrets
Idk what you guys want I am not a symmetra main I am just saying

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Wow the memories, seriously how could Blizzard ever think that a hero with auto aim turrets + an auto aim left click should ever be present in a PvP game?

People who say that Sym 2.0 didn’t work and had to be reworked are just lying becasue the devs never tried to make her work. She never got buffed.
Meanwhile Sym 3.0 got multiple balance changes and is still trash.


I think they should go back to 2.0 but change left click auto-aiming to be more like moira’s, the barrier thing looks like it has so much skill ceiling with how you can time it

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all we wanted was the flying turrets and then they completely reworked her


Yeah, she has gotten multiple nerfs and she’s still trash… What a surprise…

*to play as, not against.

With a major power shift (& soft rework that removed her problematic Teleporter ULT), moving power away from her extravagantly high - damage lock - on gun and preferably, stacked Turret CC towards more survivability & more Team support, 2.0 would had been great.

Symmetra 3.0 as well is even more fixable with simple numerical changed, but once again the devs have decided to keep her and everyone who mains her in the dust…

Sym 2.0 was her best version and I want her back so badly

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Symmetra 2.0 was the most skill-expressive hero in the game. There is a reason why /r/SymmetraMains used to be the most active individual hero subreddit. Since her kit did not relied in strict point-and-clicking, and she didn’t had a solid strict team role like Mercy or Reinhardt, it allowed everyone that liked the character to approach every fight on their own style.

When two Sym mains met and started talking with each other, you always had a new thing to learn. Turret placement, orb spam sightlines, ult hiding spots, barrier timing, etc. We were always adding new ways to use our tools in creative ways.

IMO, that openness is the mains reason why people used to complain about she being “unfun to fight against”, because the changes in gameplay forced you to adjust your strategy on the fly instead of using easy answers to counter her. Eg, “let’s pick Winston and break her turrets”, except this specific Sym spread out her turrets as flank alarms and sneaky DoTs instead of doing a deathgate, and Winston is terrible dealing with those. “let’s pick Pharah and blow her up from afar”, except she is playing from a safe spot spamming orbs at your team and you can’t land a rocket without exposing yourself to her Widow teammate. “Let’s just rush to the point and overwhelm them”, and this time she set up a death gate that will stop your Reinhardt on its tracks!

The first engagement was always a bet, but the second onwards is a matter of the Sym player having a flexible mind to adjust their strategy to the enemy team formation to lock them down.

While I understand everyone missing Shield Generator, to me, the parts of her old kit that I miss the most are the piercing orbs and the 6 turret stash. Those two were amazing for zone control, and I miss my Tracer Boxes, which is a specific turret formation that simply can’t be done with only 3 turrets in the bag.

That’s a common misconception. She was never either of those. Her winrate was around the same across all skill levels, from bronze to GM. It’s not like Junkrat or Moira, where you can visibly see them performing better at low and mid ranks.

Sure, GM players could react faster to Sym setups, but GM Syms also had the capability to adapt faster to the situation and keep winning.

Where she was underperforming was in the pro scenario, and that’s mostly because of their innate teamwork than anything wrong with her kit. I don’t think it’s necessary that every hero need to see pro play, as long as they are still being played with a decent winrate in ladder, and Symmetra 2.0 was perfect on this regard.

We can have some heroes that work better in high-coordinated environments (Eg, Sombra), we can also have some heroes that thrive in the innate chaos of ladder.

To be played in OWL. They never hid this fact. The same reason why Torb and Hazno were changed.

IMO, not a good reason, but yeah, it’s a reason.

I have a list of what I wanted back then:
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Actually no. They gave her multiple buffs and only a few small nerfs/reverts.


  • Beam length increased
  • Beam charges 20% faster
  • Beam charges 20% faster
  • Railings doesn’t block the teleporter anymore
  • Beam bugfix
  • Teleporter interact range increased
  • Orbs deal more damage
  • 25 shields


  • Infinite tp (which was meant to be buff)
  • Beam width lowered (because of the bugfix)
  • Beam damage lowered (because of the bugfix)
  • Barrier duration reduced (didn’t change anything)
  • Barrier health reduced (didn’t change anything)
  • Turret damage reduced
  • Orbs deal less damage (which was a revert of a previous buff)

Please make this a thread of its own. I agree with everything what you said, and nobody ever described the symmetra philosophy so perfectly.

This made me feel stupidly nostalgic.

Also, can we talk about just how cool Symmetra’s old beam looked? All discussions about lock-on aside, it looked so much cooler back then. The current visuals on her beam don’t look nearly as good.


I think I still have a POTG of Sym 2.0

But one thing I don’t want to remember about Sym 2.0 is the Junkrat’s line.


Like, he is ALWAYS the one to spell it out to everyone :frowning:

Ik right? Like when it looked on a kept growing that looked cool, and when she was moving things it looked like a rope that came undone but still had the form