Remembering Sym 2.0

As much as I love Sym 3.0, i still feel like us Sym mains have been cheated out of a hero we dedicated thousands of hours to.

Sym 2.0 was soo fun and unique, and i firmly believe that she only needed minor buffs and QOL changes to make her superb, but she got scrapped without a single balance change made to her during the time she existed. For that I will never forgive blizzard.

Now im leaving this here


beautiful. great montage


I remember back when everyone hated Sym because almost nobody could do anything as her, but paradoxically hated Sym mains because they were obnoxious to hit when strafing and really good at it

Sigh, variety was nice


she was really awesome wish she was back :frowning: , she was trash hero at high ranks but awesome noob killer same as old Torbj, we need heroes like that in game((

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I wish I played at the time, I watched a lot of Symmetra videos back then but never played Overwatch it’s self.


I miss old Sym, she was a lot more fun to play and required more thought to play at higher competency.

If I could have old Mercy or old sym back, I’d have old Sym.


Didn’t miss much…a complete struggle to do anything offensively (especially with turrets you had to manually place)…and a beam that felt really cheap honestly (you know…when it actually reached anyone)

Only really good for turtle strategies on specific maps…and even then “good” is stretching it as she never saw any play

Shield gen was her best ability imho but we’ve seen how much people hate messing with health pools (armor, barriers, the 50hp increments, etc)

She was reworked for a reason

Take her current version over old one any day of week…even if she’s still considered week


Either way, I wish she still had that photon barrier as an ability.


That would be awkward with sigma in game now

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There is no better example of the skill expression of photon barrier than this video


All I REALLY miss is the Shield Generator/Teleporter. I’m fine without the other abilities but her ult was just so unique and fun to play around. Having the flexibility to use either depending on your situation was always very unique to Symmetra.


Same, old Symm had some flaws but overall was a unique hero on her own.

Current Symm is just Zarya with no bubbles


The other day I watched a Sym highlight I saved that was back in the 2.0 days and man I miss the uniqueness of it
You had 6 turrets, a throwable shield, two options for ultimates and the only lock-on style of attacking
Now you get 3 turrets, a teleporter and a giant shield for ultimate, she’s still fun but no where near as fun as she used to be

I also loathe the teleporter she has now because it just has too much potential in OWL that she pretty much has to be trash tier as a result


So many people miss 2.0. I hope the devs realise this and eventually get back to working on an Overwatch classic (but include shield gen sym).

With the degree of changes she got, she really was just deleted and recreated as something completely different. She doesn’t really feel like Sym to me anymore. Just a personality.


“Im getting the feeling they’ve got a shield generator”

Girl, get rid of him, Symmetra’s the new sigma :nail_care:t2:


They really should, and then replace something in the perma-arcade like mystery hero’s or quick play classic (which should be added to regular quick play like competitive)

2.0 was cute but I will forever be a 1.0 stan

I think she need to be moved to sup, have their 2 ultimates back
Makes she do less damage and make her tp ability to start it’s cooldown on deploy

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