Remember these? Only true overwatch players will

same with the video of genjis interaction with moira I made, where I said that I lost the duel because moira self healed back to full before my character was able to fire another shot

EDIT: Why am I allowed to post a YT link but not an imgur link?


Ye I miss Mercy true identity :frowning:

As I miss to don’t have ranked modes, people both had fun and tried their best even if ‘‘iS jUsT qP’’

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You brought a whole new meaning to the term “Old School”

No. I’am not going to support or spend more money on blizzard. So i know it not worth it. They showed us in all there other games they not listen to what gamers (WE) want and would improve the game for US.

When I spend money on a game and think it AWESOME, then I don’t want someone make a whole new game of it, cus that was not what I spend my REAL money for. Too improve the game, yes. If it’s not worked out and gamers don’t like, go back and start over.
That is how it works if you want to keep serious gamers.
Same in real life, if you make a mistake on your work, you have to re-do it, simple.
What blizzard are and do is exploit.

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I wouldn’t be so certain about that.

Well, then people were made to choose - have fun or try their best by picking not fun heroes. And that was beginning of the downfall.


Ye sadly rankeds are kinda dominated by meta heroes, otherwise you have to sweat 100% more, I mean I know when something become competitive it work like that… but now people use qp only as a troll party :confused:

Ooh, a fisticuffs hero. Pugilistic mayhem or Doomfist prototype?

Don’t miss:

  • Symms old ult
  • Reaper’s life balls
  • Mass ress… jee… I REALLY don’t miss this
  • Sudden Death
  • Bastion’s shield - LOL for me worst experience ever
  • Symm’s auto-lock primary
  • Torb’s turret lvl 3

Actually miss:

  • Scatter Arrow
  • Torb armours

Isn’t that a thread talking about balance? This is a nostalgic thread. We derailed this thread so badly.

When McCree use to be a tank buster, those were funny times especially when folks were leaving.

The last time the devs posted anything balance related was February.

And it wasn’t even 2-2-2 balance, it was 1-3-2 balance.

The way things are going, I’d have to wait until 2021 before the developers of Overwatch comment on the current balance of the game.

last one caught me off guard. I laughed.

Dva having to run and hide after throwing her bomb because it used to kill her!

thats more like pre-school lol

My goodness! That must have been chaos! I remember always being a tank back in the day before I became a Support/Tank flex (D.Va main at the time) and I always remember seeing our Mercy and Zen prioritizing Junkrat since he kept hurting himself.

I remember my sister playing Junkrat for the first time and when we were attacking, she’d die faster than most people and I said to her “Why are you constantly dying?” and she replied “This stupid character actually hurts himself with his own bombs!” and I died laughing. I will say that it’s much better having him not do that anymore!

Is it that difficult not to use explosives in close range? It would be a lot more hilarious, if Overwatch had fall damage.

I mean, literally any game tells you, that explosion hurts everyone, including yourself, so don’t be within blast radius.

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Most of this was from back when I enjoyed OW, unlike now.


I miss hearing that.