[Release] Shadow of Death v1.1

Shadow of Death - Reaper boss battle

Game mode summary

Death is coming for you… but all you can see is an ominous red cloud of smoke approaching you. Running is not an option, if you want to live you must brave your way into the smoke and destroy the red orb inside.
Reaper abilities: Wraith form creates a life drain aura around reaper, stealing life from nearby enemies and pulling them in. Shadow step creates a life drain explosion upon phasing out and phasing in, damaging nearby enemies and healing reaper. Ability damage and self-heal is increased when multiple enemies are hit.

In this boss battle, it’s Reaper (with modified abilities) against 1-6 heroes. Reaper’s health scales with amount of players on the opposite team, so the mode can be played with 2-7 players, although more people makes it more fun!

Youtube video (latest version)
Youtube video (v1.0)

Reaper boss abilities:

Passive: Death Aura

Reaper surrounds himself in an ominous red cloud of smoke when he approaches or attacks enemies, or when he takes damage. In order to damage reaper, heroes must find and attack the red orb in the center of the aura, which can only be seen by those brave enough to go inside the smoke.

Passive: Invisibility

Reaper is completely invisible and will only reveal himself when using his life drain ability. Major status effects will reveal him temporarily (hack, stun, freeze, sleep, knockdown, and Widowmaker’s ultimate)

Wraith Form - Life Drain

Wraith form damages nearby enemies over time and heals reaper. The amount of damage and self-healing done is increased with amount of enemies hit. The closest enemy to reaper is pulled towards him and cannot escape.

Shadow Step - Drain Explosion

Using shadow step causes up to 2 explosion while nearby enemies. One upon phasing out, and another upon phasing in, damaging nearby enemies and healing reaper. Damage and self-heal amount is increased with amount of enemies hit.

Each explosion checks for nearby enemies, and will not occur if enemies are too far away. This way, shadow step can either be used stealthily or to deal damage.

Workshop import code: EEVHT

Feel free to host this game mode, or make changes or additions to it. All I ask is that you leave the comment for the rules as they are (even if you modify a rule), to give credit where credit is due. If you make new rules to add to this mode, add your name to those!
I will continue to work on this mode myself as well to add new features, fix any potential bugs that may pop up, and eventually add new bosses.