Reinhardt mains, rejoice!

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – August 22, 2018:


Doubt it’ll work. Also, no mention of Seismic Slam, which uses the same buggy code as Earthshatter, so SS is still bugged.


Apparently they had to rewrite Earthshatter from scratch.
I’m gonna check the PTR later today to see how it works


Someone needs to test it on PTR, I don’t trust the developers anymore. Also they got rid of the lingering effect, which is in my opinion a nerf to Reinhardt’s ultimate but if it actually works now then I’m not complaining.

Don’t rejoice yet, his other abilities are still bugged as hell. Charge, barrier field and his hammer still suffer from bugs. And the new introduced bugs/stealth nerfs to his animation cancels and the added delay to his barrier field.

I’m not rejoicing, I’m still upset…


This, I love the fact shatter is fixed but it is only one problem out of many that made him difficult if not impossible at times to play him.


My question is does it go through (ie under, since the payloads have a tendency to float) the payload?

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It always did.
Don’t think they’d change that.


I don’t remember it always going under payload though. I shattered several times on one side of the payload before and the person didn’t get stunned (no shields or obstacles besides payload). Though that could have been a bug? I’m not even sure, which is kinda sad.

What about stunning people on top of payload? Since it’s floating. So many questions about shatter.

It does go under the payload, that’s why in Rein 1v1s you don’t stay on it, but in front of it.

It won’t touch you if you’re at the top of the cart, but if it’s a short one and you’re at the low edge it might.
It’s been like that since the height nerf ages ago.

Earth shatter always stunned people from under the payload, stunning people on top of it however depends on the payload it’s self.


I’ve heard that it going under the payload is map specific. I haven’t tested this personally though

Eh…we’ll see what it feels like once it hits live. I’m excited but also wary. It’s something at least. I do like that they changed how Charge interacts with Shield Bash, though.

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There’s a dodgy spot in the training range where shatter never worked properly.
I’m gonna check it out today.
It it works properly then it will probably work in other places too.


Yes, finally there’s some counter play against Brigitte.


I saw someone comment on my post about how they tested it out today and it still feels really inconsistent. Maybe it was still the PTR from yesterday??

Did you know that Rein can destroy Hammond mines with his shield from EVERY direction? I watched Jayne’s stream of the new PTR patch and that’s one thing they tested. Rein can walk backwards through the mine field with his shield up and not take any damage to himself, just shield.

Also shatter and the side of the stairs on the new map are a little buggy… If Jayne’s stream from tonight goes up on twitch you should check it out as they test a few Rein changes.

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Where can I watch this man called Jayne?

The video is actually up
Skip to about 47:50 for the Reinhardt testing on the new map.

Meet Jayne, Overwatch coach for team Canada. He also posts parts of his twitch streams to YouTube :slight_smile:


In the bug fixes section it is mentioned that they fixed another Earthshatter related bug:
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Reinhardt’s Earthshatter from landing if he was launched into the air during its cast.

This is all great news, but we’re still not out of the woods just yet, there’s still more bugs that remain to be fixed and then there’s a lot of testing that we’ll have to do in order to determine whether this new Earthshatter is going to work correctly…or if it’s also buggy, and in such a case we’ll have to verify to what extent (and whether it got worse or slightly less bad in comparison to current earthshatter)
For now I think it’s important for all of us to remain vigilant, and share our findings after extensive testing.


Thank you kindly.