Rein charge zarya bubble

Is it new and intended that when two reins charge each other and one has bubble he gets the pin?

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This is a bug that will be resolved with the next release.


Dang, was hoping this was intentional as it’s how it used to be before it was changed during goats


Yea it seems like bubble rein should win lol


Matt Whited when middle east server becomes in live server and thank you so much

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Fix your AI in practice mode…been getting stuck since i started playing the game a year ago.

Middle East servers are live as-of today’s 1.47 release.


and where is LAtin servers for mexico argentina and others? why they need play the game with much lag? all this people are located only on SA server for brazil.

I’m surprised you came back to this.

That’s memory and dedication.

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Do i still log in in eu in the client or i should see me server ?

STILL no servers for Africa? After 4 years?


This issue appears to have been re-introduced. I just got pinned while Zarya and bubbled.

OP was referring to the situation of two charging reins attempting to pin each other when one was bubbled. The ask was if it was intentional that the bubble gave one rein priority over the other when they would normally stun each other and fall down.