New Teaser from Blizz Middle East!

I guess it makes sense if they’re not talking about echo…which would be awesome…but I really doubt it

Could be also another mini event with a skin and the short story writen next to it. Who knows.

Honestly need a better epic Bapt skin

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I actualy use his epic skin from those, i prefere him with helmet.

Or a legendary for tracer that’s actually better than her rose skin

Welp, i dont play tracer but i prefere her Cadet Oxton skin than rose one.


Will-o-wisp doesn’t look too bad either.

Anyway on the lookout for better skins for Sigma, Bapt and Zarya

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No thank you.

More sigma skins where they got money to get him shoes.

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Welp, at least talon did got him one of those even if he dont wear them usualy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely to hype up the release of Middle East servers:

Omg. I’m from Australia and I constantly get people from the Middle East in my games. Thank you blizzard

The official OW account liked the tweet! So it is really legit!!

I was right! The new Middle East servers have released!

Decrypted successfully
The connection is being established
Overwatch servers Middle East: enabled

on which region is it enabled ?
EU or Asia ? (I’m assuming its probably not on the US server).

They aren’t picked, but if they aren’t reworked, they wont be picked. Sombra is a lot of fun, but very weak. I wish they would rework her, but she will probably be left alone or borked. Meh.

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I think that the servers will be EU.

My ping is kind the same for me .