Crackpot theory. These recent Arabic teasers is a conversation between Winston and Bastion to decode Null Sector messages

I’m sure someone will provide the twitter links because I can’t, but do far there have been two messages. One from Bastion, one from Winston.

Of course, Bastion is…Bastion, but Winston is asking for a password to decrypt a message.

Now this could just be me, but we know Null Sector has used Bastions in the past, and if I’m right and these coded messages are from Null Sector…then it’s possible Bastion could be the only Omnic capable of deciding that message.

ESPECIALLY if Null Sector was attempting to use an outdated code to make things more confusing for anyone intercepting their broadcasts


Here are the two twitter posts:

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Maybe it is

i hoep its some sorrt of bastion rework teaser tho, hope they do good on him without ruining him, they´ve got feedback from bastion mains

Thanks a bunch my friend

The two posts are weird, to me, it seems like Bastion, for an unknown reason, sent a message to Winston anonymously in a code, which, again, doesn’t make sense since how would he be able to or if he could, why?
And from the videos it seems like it’s still before/slightly after recall and shortly after Bastion awakened.

Sender: Unknown
It could be Bastion but we don’t know.

Sender: Winston
Who did Winston send this to?

Is the date 2020 in overwatch time? If so, it’s about 50 years prior to where the game is taking place now.

It was to tease Middle Easy servers: