Ready to Make History - A Look into Venture's Development

This really didn’t help. If non binary isn’t male or female, how can it even be considered a gender? Isn’t the very idea of non binary the absence of gender? You can’t expect the average person to understand this stuff. Its far too confusing, and now here we are making video game characters about it.

I don’t understand the appeal of this character. In fact the character seems very lacking in appeal.


I know its very abstract and hard-to-understand. It took me awhile to understand it more clearly. Gender is on a continuous spectrum from male to female. And somewhere in the middle is non-binary.

But Overwatch characters are complex and abstract. Like how does Mercy’s healing staff work? Is Moira non-binary too? Where does D.Va’s MEKA go when she dies mid-calling? Many mysteries within the Overwatch universe…

“Nonbinary” is just a catch-all term. To some nonbinary people, it means they feel like they identify with both genders, and to some it means they don’t connect with either. Gender and sexuality can be complicated topics, so it’s okay to not understand! Everyone’s experience with it is unique and different, and most of it is based on deeply personal feelings.
You’re entitled to your opinion about their design and theming, but myself and many other trans and nonbinary people have been very excited about their release, and it feels nice to see Blizzard taking the time to specifically represent people like me. Hopefully future characters speak to you in particular more! Space Ranger should be very fun in Season 12, I’m looking forward to her as well!


It doesn’t. You can’t transition to nothing. Trans is exclusively for transitioning to male or female. if you’re non-binary already, you’re not transitioning. There’s no process for that.


Clearly Blizzard wants everyone to know how inclusive they are. Idk I’m all about making everyone feel included but not when it becomes a marketing ploy.


I don’t really subscribe my identity to anything other people say it should be.

I just am.

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So can u transition to nothing by just removing everything?

So venture’s whole gender identity thing makes no sense then.

I truly believe when they make characters like venture and lifeweaver, or randomly decide to make characters lgbt that they aren’t doing it for the players, but for themselves.


It can make sense but the way they worded it there makes no sense, yes.

If it’s based loosely on a new dev I’ll just laugh.

Assuming your question is genuine, some people pursue medical transition with hormone therapy and surgical treatment, and many don’t. Most people simply change their names and wardrobe, and some people don’t change anything at all. It depends entirely on the individual and what makes them feel at home in their body. I hope that helps!



Because there is no individual or being which can validate the internal beliefs of the character Venture.

It is no different than asserting that a book on a shelf believes that it is a bird.

Transgender non binary? I don’t think you can be both… And is venture a man or woman I don’t even know at this point

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Try using male or female. It changes the context substantially.

Thats intriguing, what sort of hormonal balance would one choose if one wishes to b nothing?

Again it depends on the person, but I’ve seen people online talking about taking very small doses of estrogen or testosterone to counteract what’s dominant in their systems. Some people may feel more comfortable with higher levels of one than the other, and use hormones the same way a binary trans person would. Depends on the person, the way their body processes those hormones, and what makes them happy.

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They are non-binary… that’s literally the point here.

So you are not about making everyone feel included. You’d prefer if they hide this information away, so no one is aware of it.

See is that way. If the 0°C is cold and 40°C is hot, 15°C is still a temperature.

The point of representation is quite literally to make this kind of thing more normalized.


Which is honestly insulting to trans folks, but whatever

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Mind explaining why it is insulting??

I don’t think the Trans Board of Elders has passed that motion.


Most of the trans people I know personally + Blaire White agree. So I don’t really care if not everyone is on the same page. Y’all don’t have to agree with us.