Ranked Rank-up Bug

I just finished seven wins and stayed the same rank. I’m a little upset since Gold-Plat is the most annoying rank to surpass. Please, fix this, I don’t want to play another 7-14 games

It’s already troublesome I had to start from Bronze because of the bug.

same issue but worse. I had the B5 bug [I’m ex masters], Promoted to Bronze5 after winning the 7 games TWICE. From there I won 7 in a row, Got B4 won 7 in a row again, skipped to S2, then promo to Gold5, then I won 7-1 promoted to GOLD5, then i won 7-3 DEMOTED TO SILVER1.
THE RANKED SYSTEM IS STILL BROKEN cuz that’s some BS. I feel like I’m wasting time at this point.


That’s rough. I stopped playing after I didn’t rank up. I had a rough time getting those last seven wins, having the classic egotistical gold players who think the team is the problem, not them. I figured to stop until it’s fixed. I wish you luck in your future games though

Any updates on the fix? I am still winning more than loosing and not increasing my rank… If there is another logic behind the ranked system I would kindly know it, so I can figure out how to play properly to increase the rank

Any updates if this is fixed beacuse i weas b1 and went 7-2 and stayed b1 I thne wnet on to play more games and went 7-2 7-3 and nothing changed

I am having same issue as support. started bronze 5 then bronze 4, bronze 5, bronze 4, bronze 3, bronze 3. playing with the same group of friends and they keep ranking up or getting placed in silver. They keep climbing. I understand ranking up is a grind but starting to feel like i will get left behind and won’t be able to play with friends. Support is hard enough to rank.