Rank promotion bug

I win 7 games 6 games won in a row top frag most damage anywhere from 2 - 8 deaths lost two games then won what did i get promoted to well i was plat 3 anddddd i got promoted to plat 3 this is the 2nd time something like this has happened before it happened when i was plat 5 won every game didnt lose once i got promoted to gold 1 ?!?!?! At 1st it said i was gold 5 which i wasnt i was plat 5 but it regressed me to gold 5 and promoted me gold 1 all at the same time super annoying bug to make it simple be me play 5 promotion time flashes from plat 5 to gold 5 then promotes to gold 1 wtf?!? Then be me plat 3 promote to uhh wtf it still says plat 3 woo promotions are bugged


I had the B5 bug [I’m ex masters], Promoted to Bronze5 after winning the 7 games TWICE. From there I won 7 in a row, Got B4 won 7 in a row again, skipped to S2, then promo to Gold5, then I won 7-1 promoted to GOLD5, then i won 7-3 DEMOTED TO SILVER1.


Yep i just promoted to plat 3 for the 2nd time in a row 7 w 3 losses wooo

Don’t even worry bro, I’m chillin in Bronze 5 rn while doing good in a dozen game + winning them :rofl:


Yeah no idc if i am going on winstreaks and consistently carrying it should be a promote not this stupid hehe maybe ur wasting ur time bs


After placing bronze 5, I have won 21 games after the fact and I am still bronze 5 :frowning:


same thing is happening to me. ex master stuck in gold with 60% winrate ; did not rank up last two 7 wins. i am solo que player so its really hard to win and they wont let me rank up

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I’ve won 21 games so far and haven’t ranked up a single time, I just went 7-4 (was silver 4) and then after the 7 wins, I don’t rank up. What’s the point of trying to play comp if my rank doesn’t change at all? I thought the system ranked you up after 7 wins and losses (as long as you don’t hit 20) were irrelevant but I guess I was wrong cause this is literally being hardstuck due to a glitch .-.

Wins and losses aren’t the only thing taken into account, they also include personal stats and all.
Not saying that it works perfectly, but still.

Honestly that should be the case but rn that’s placebo cuz I’m popping off with nearly double-triple people’s stats some games on a 65-80%WR and got demoted for winning. It is super bugged

Many of us suffer from these and other problems, the forum is proof of that. But the devs don’t show up, I find it quite unfortunate what Blizzard has become.

I have stopped playing until it´s solved, until they see the huge problem… For me there´s no skin or anything that can replace the hours spent in ranked (to the trash) and see how my friends were going up and I was left behind being in the same games. Atm I can’t even queue with them anymore because of the difference in lvl.

What a shame really, those years are gone where each Blizzard product shine in quality and attention, this is just activison and its group of friends behind the name.

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I can confirm as of 5mins ago my new rank update is still Bronze 5.

The same thing happened to me on tank and dps (got "promoted’ in the tier below). Support hasn’t been adjusted yet, but I’m thinking it’s gonna bug out too. Comp these days is just two sided QP.

The comp system has a bug that the devs are refusing to acknowledge.

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Im a bad player in bronze doing a bit better lately winning 12-4 games being promoted twice

The problem is i was not promoted " congratulations youve been promoted "
yeah to the same rank

What is going on