Rank not adjusting

I’d say I’m pretty good at the game, but wow… the hours I’m putting in just for skill rating to remain the same is utterly ridiculous.
Moved to Silver2 after ranking up, I got 7 more wins and stayed in Silver2.
Tried again… 7 wins… stayed in Silver2… again.
I’m sure in this bug-infested game, there’s a comp ranking bug among them.
My stats aren’t the issue, and my Win/Loss isn’t an issue either (avg 7W to 4-5L).
I’m just wasting my time on my game.
Also fix Torb… it’s been a week.

Im in the same boat where I just won 6 games lost one and the won my last only to get in the same rank.

80% of theses game I’m MVP on the team… used to be Diamond

it’s clearly bugged, stop playing, it’s not changing anyone’s rank - wait til they address it