Rank gold 5. After 7 wins, rank went from silver 5 to 1

My Competitive rank was Gold 5.

After winning 7 games, (without losing/drawing 20 games) with 3 games lost, it showed my current rank as Silver 5 instead of Gold 5.

Then it said my NEW rank is silver 1???

Surely I didn’t lose a whole rank in after losing a few games?
Looking at the replays I lost 3 games, Won 7 and 1 game has no status cause it got cancelled as it started.

This is the second time this has happened.


Closing my post in favor of this.

I also am experiencing the same issue.

I placed Silver 5 when I first started playing competitive and grinded my way up to Gold 5 this past week and when I won my 7th game today for the next placement update, the animation shows that I went from Silver 5 → Silver 2. I thought “oh maybe I got a rank decay from Gold 5 to Silver 5 without knowing it?” but it’s been less than 24 hours since I last played.

At this point, not sure if I want to keep ranking to climb back up to Gold 5 again because I’m worried this an infinite loop bug where I never climb out of Gold 5 even if I keep trying lol.

Any explanation as to why we ended up Silver 5 again would be greatly appreciated.


Here to report that I was gold 3, stayed gold 3 consistently with only 2-3 losses per 7 wins, went on a 4 game winstreak to close it out and get my rank, It said my rank was silver 5 and I ranked up to silver 1? How in the world did I get deranked from gold 3 to silver 5 then up to silver 1 in the span of one session is beyond me.


I got the same problem. It´s sad that blizzard can´t handle that problem. They already had a ranked system in OW 1 without major problems… It makes me dont wanna play ranked again tbh. Because its a bad feeling knowing that I am better (and the 7 games proves it) but getting ranked down…

So far it’s looking fixed for me now. I’m currently Gold 1 and no issues.

i’m still having the same problem :confused:

Me too, I should be gold 3 but everytime I rank up from gold 1 it takes me back to silver 5. Happened 4 times now!

This is happening enough that there’s at least a post about it every two or three days, and there hasn’t even been an acknowledgement of it. Have you tried purchasing anything from the in game shop? Maybe they’ll listen to us if we give them money. I doubt it, because they don’t seem to care about game health, but maybe it’s worth a try.

:rofl: Have you SEEN all the bug reports about the game shop and purchases not being recognized?

same thing also happed to me twice i was gold 3

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I just had this happen to me. Gold 5, win 7 games. Then you see an update from Silver 5 to Silver 1. Am I now stuck in a loop? Silver 1 - Gold 5 - Silver 5 - Silver 1. Also it looks like this bug had been there since October… so 3 months and many patches without a fix?

This happened to me several times, and got me not playing comp anymore. Last time I was on silver 4, and after the 7 wins they said I got from bronze 4 to bronze 1. Reading this thread, I see that I am not the only one so yeah, that’s just another reason not to play comp.


Im pretty sure it’s only a bug in the display, it actually means you deranked one tier, aka gold 5 - silver 1 that’s one tier derank, now if someone goes 7-0 and they get a derank then that may be a problem

Hi; I’d throw my hat in the ring. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was Silver 5, went 7-0, and it showed me ranking up from Bronze 5 to Bronze 1. It’s not a display bug, it’s a “Screwed me on seemingly four whole ranks” bug.

This has happened to me twice now. First time was back in November, when I posted my thread about it, and it happened again much more recently, I just didn’t bother posting the second time, because it’s clear that the “Bug Report” board is only monitored by the Blizzard employees that give a damn about the community and game health… Meaning it’s basically unmonitored.

There’s been about 80 Threads about this between here, and Reddit, and they won’t even acknowledge it.

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Silver 5 to Bronze 1 is one rank down, the numbers are weird but that’s another thing ppl don’t understand, one is the top, five is the bottom, if you win 7, lose 0 and still deranked that’s weird but I still haven’t seen anyone show proof, some ppl don’t understand that even if you win 7 in a row it still counts all the losses before that update too, it’s not just win 7 go up, another misconception

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Okay, so let me break this down in a more understandable way, because evidently my wording made me sound like an absolute Smooth Brain;

I was Silver 5. I had just come off of a Rank Up, from Bronze 1 to Silver 5. I played 7 Games in a Row, and smashed out 7 Wins, 0 Losses.

My Rank Update Screen showed me as Bronze 5 on the update screen, and Ranked me up to Bronze 1. So, considering the fact that I went 7-0, combined with the fact that they’d just implemented the system that was supposed to give you additional gains to get you back to where you were before launch (I was consistently on the Cusp of Gold through all of OW1.), it’s safe to assume that what it should have done, with that 7-0 record, is rank me up from Silver 5 to Silver 1 (as it did when I came out of the Bronze 5 Bug, and was immediately bumped to Bronze 1 from Bronze 5.)

So yes; I got screwed on the four ranks I was supposed to go up, and instead got reduced by one, so on that, you’re technically right; It wasn’t four; It was five whole ranks I got screwed on. Four that I should have gotten, one that I was reduced by.

As for anyone showing proof; I’ve seen several (no less than five, but definitely no more than ten) Twitch Clips, and segments of people’s VODs where it happened to them. Do I have them on hand? No, but the source definitely isn’t “Trust me, Bro”. They’re out there, you just have to find them.

I have no misconceptions about this. I’ve looked for every possible avenue on this, hoping that I’m somehow wrong. There’s no margin of error; This is a legitimate bug. This has been happening pretty consistently to people for the last four months. Just because you haven’t seen it personally, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

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