Ran into a six stack of smurfs, reported them as cheaters

Blizzard has shown that they will believe and go with what benefits them even if it harms the playerbase.
We saw it with free Hong Kong scandal and then after support BLM on their twitter which contradicts their reasoning for the whole Hong Kong scandal

and for comparison other competitive games have stated that smurfing is bad

So Blizzard is the outlier and aren’t always morally right

yes, but when there’s six of you it is impossible pretty much for them to find another six to match against you, which makes that matchmaking broken. so yeah, i’ll report and move on, cheaters every one.

LOL like it’s their fault the matchmaker is trash and can’t find them a proper fit in a fast enough time to your liking?

And if this was their first ever game they played as a team, guess what? See the post above from Seraph where he quotes Kaplan himself saying starting a new account is not against the rules and “the matchmaker determines your skill level very quickly and matches you with similar players.”

You lose, good day sir.

Also a fun tidbit for everyone directly from Kaplan on boosters:

so you’re ok with games being ruined until they get properly ranked, ok good to know, and what if they just get yet another account and keep repeating the cycle and while on PC it costs money on console its completely free.


Apparently Blizz is too hence their stance on it that Kaplan explicitly states right in his freaking quoted post, yet you still want to keep arguing and scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some sad fragile justification why you and the rest of the smurfing = illegal crew are correct. You’re not correct. You’re wrong. Drop it and get on with your lives.

no i won’t cause unlike Blizzard i care about the health of this game and community and want the best for them and the best is to get rid of smurfing.
And yes all knowing Daddy Jeff is wrong on this


That’s fine you don’t agree with him however the current FACTS being argued here don’t care about your feelings.

the facts are blizzard is interested in what’s profitable not what’s good, and as such their word doesn’t mean much in this discussion of what’s right and what’s wrong, what is a fact however is that intentionally placing yourself in lower ranked games ruins the matchmaking experience and balance and that it is clearly a problem

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Keep in mind this thread is about their being cheaters, not whether they’re philosophically unhealthy for the game.

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Watching a game right now where there is obvious 4 stack smurfs

But apparently only very high ranks need a cap on how many can party up

I think they should put a cap to counter smurfs from grouping up in lower ranks as well.


Please don’t ask so much of people you’re going to get banned for bullying.

well yeah i was going all moral to explain why blizzard’s word doesn’t mean much and yeah ik they make the rules but in a more general discussion about gaming in general it is cheating

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Facing a six stack of smurfs is certainly very frustrating. It’s morally dubious on their part - they’re having fun by bullying people who are not as good as they are at the game. It’s a mean thing to do.

It’s not cheating though in any way shape or form. They’re not breaking any rules. They’re not tampering with the game in unsanctioned ways. Reporting them is closer to cheating than what they’re doing.

As a side note, Six Stacking Smurfs is a good name for a 00’s indie garage band.


i thought six stacking smurfs was the original name of the Blue man group

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It was, but then they became all about the money and forgot about the music.

i can name a few other groups that became all about the money

I think Blizzard and the OW need to step up and start taking action against smurfs.

No rule against smurfing? i don’t care, add one.

These smurfs are cheating, they’re literally cheating, sabotaging the gameplay experience, ruining the fun, 1 smurf is already bad on the team, but 6 smurfs on the same team? naaaahhh fam… just…NO!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!


This is the thing, I find it very unlikely its a 6 stack of gms prob diamonds. Especially if its a group of new accounts its not bannable as they are just climbing. They are prob already out of your rank anyway.

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It would give you a migraine headache.

Thinking down to their level.

guitar riff