Rammatra's unlock method is completely DISGUSTING

So let me get this straight.

Overwatch 1: All heroes were available, you only had to buy cosmetics through loot boxes and you could earn loot boxes over time but they did not effect gameplay.

Overwatch 2: You have to grind to level 55 which most people don’t have the time for to unlock the new hero and all cosmetics are paid ONLY with no earning option like OW1 and on top of that the hero is now unlock 1 in the battlepass which directly effects gameplay and mechanics and their respective interactions.

This is actually predatory, completely predatory. They know exactly that people will not have time to grind to 55 generally and so they are banking on people who have a job or family life to deal with and will exploit them for it (whales too) while simultaneously effecting gameplay as well.

They want players to buy the Season 2 battle pass to get instant access to Rammatra. This is literally pay to win in the sense that the vast majority of people whom are not everyday players i.e playing 3 hours or more a day will be able to unlock it, meanwhile working a job and having a family life, people will not be able to unlock it in time before the two week honey moon is over, the vast majority of the player base do not play every day and are gated out of exp on top of that by the horrid match making. More over after that point he WILL be locked behind a paywall as well. Taking this further it is the monetisation of GAME MECHANICS and CORE GAMEPLAY, this takes the game down a very awful road that most do not come back from without becoming just a cash grab.

Diablo Immortal is free to play isn’t it? Oh wait its pay to win? Ohhhhhhh so thats what happens when you monetise game mechanics. Right.

“oh but you can unlock it…” yeah after DAYS of getting rolled by someone playing as him and you cannot play him yourself immediately without buying him, it takes days to get to 55 not hours. This directly affects gameplay. Monetising core gameplay mechanics is a bloody mobile game tactic and shouldn’t be on a console or PC.

I am genuinely enraged by this. More over, they’re hoping people will get angry enough and buy the damned thing so they have access. This is just…the levels of exploitation this game engages in is completely repulsive.

DO NOT buy season 2 battlepass if you do not want to be used as a corporate doormat.

Edit4: Please see edit1 below for my solution.

To clear something up, the following is NOT what this thread is about:

  1. It is not about the battlepass overall, it needs some work to improve and could be better.
  2. It is not about the price of the battlepass or the price of the shop, the price of the shop is entirely another discussion.
  3. This is not just about time consumed to obtain the hero, albeit is still significant due to it affecting a large portion of the player base.
  4. This is not about wanting something for free instead of earning it
  5. This is not about being entitled. Most of us here PAID for overwatch 1, were lied to about overwatch 2 and then given this excuse of a sequel as a means to squeeze the player through a new shop. It isn’t even a new game, all of this could of been done in a patch. So we’re playing the same game and now far beyond worse for the player.
  6. This is not a tirade against capitalism, I actually support capitalism just with some level of regulation in a attempt to prevent crony capitalism which is not the same as capitalism and something else entirely. Unfettered anything isn’t a good thing except free speech which is the only absolute in my opinion. (Note: I am a brit, I have no basis in which to argue for the US’s 2A so please don’t ask)

The following is what this IS about:

  1. This is about the longevity of the game and the state of the game moving forward
  2. This is about blizzard monetising gameplay mechanics and core mechanics
  3. This is about the threat of the game becoming egregiously predatory.
  4. This is about the time consumed as well and time per $/£/euro (I dont have the Euro symbol lol) which is extremely relevant as it helps determine worth and generally the fun of the game as a whole for those who don’t have time. As we have seen with the current system of coins we can get and how long it would take to unlock a single legendary, this should be a very relevant point.

Disclaimer: Please see Edit2 for WHY business is not inherently predatory, if you believe it is then you need lessons on what capitalism actually is and should get off tribal, mastadon and Instagram. Free markets and mutual self interest are not instantly predatory nor are they instantly greedy, both are products of the human mind and not the system. Capitalism is not Crony Capitalism.

EDIT1: Quote from one of my comments further down as I see it as the best solution and the only way I will buy the battlepass.

It is the only way I will because I will not enable them further, I don’t care if it “does nothing”, I will not pay and encourage this crap and no I don’t care if its in “other games”, I don’t play those “other games” and other games doing it should not be an excuse for it to be an acceptable norm.

EDIT 2: Second quote to make the point to people complaining that they need to make money and that this is some how the only way blizzard will make enough money from the battlepass.

I hate having to make this edit but some people seem to think the problem is some how the pricing or that its not much, the price is irrelevant its the principal and the negative effect it will have.


Unfortunately most people will just buy it I fear.



People defending the battlepass likely never played OW1 to understand how good we had it.

I refuse to push money towards a company like Blizzard. Thanks for making it Free to Play. I’ll never spend money so I’m automatically losing you money. Hahahahah.


imho the battle pass outside of the hero being at lvl55 is completely fine

They just need to lower it (tho I would prefer just remove it from the battle pass and give it to everyone for free)

Its the shop that is predatory


Yeah generally speaking the battlepass is “ok” I don’t really care about it, it could use some better cosmetics and such but they’re drip feeding because they’ll run out of content too quickly. But the hero unlock at 1 is stupid as all hell. Same goes for the level 55 grind for free players.

But the hero as an unlockable instead of everyone has access? Like they could put a legendary skin IN the battle pass FOR that hero in place of the hero itself and have that skin only available in that battlepass. So its unique. But they don’t do that because they are genuinely greedy.


It annoys me because I was planning on buying BPs anyways, so I have the heroes going forward but that doesn’t make me feel good for everyone else at all. I’d rather pay the $10 for only cosmetics which is what I want and expect from a pass

Blizzard can crunch all the data they want but enjoyment and satisfaction are not quantifiable. The system they’ve created is unenjoyable and unsatisfying and should be revisited sooner than later.


Well its pay to win.

If you don’t unlock the hero, you’re SOL.

They went from a ok model in OW1 to “booby Cockit want moar moneys” in OW2.


Yeah if it were level 25 or 30 that would be way more reasonable.


I just wish they made it so we could still get legacy tokens somehow, and we could use a certain amount to unlock characters.

Instead of, yk, GRINDING 55 LEVELS :frowning: (or lowering the level requirement, idk)

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Pay 2 win sucks


Nah not at all. They just need to put a unique legendary in the battlepass in place of the hero unlock at 55 (or 1 for battlepass owners) and then make the hero free for everyone. That would be more than reasonable. Even 25 - 30 assumes you play overwatch a reasonable amount, but how are they going to keep people engaged and play for that amount of time if they’re just going to lock all heroes behind a pay wall?

Have you seen the new player experience? They have to unlock their heroes. Those of us who had OW1 have it so much better than they do right now.


To clarify, OW1 was a paid game and OW2 is F2P. It does not matter if you or I paid for OW1 because it does no longer exist.

I do not like having to grind to level 55 to unlock the hero, it should be unlocked for everyone right after the season starts, but locked out of QP and Comp before 2 weeks or so. In this way, players can train with the new hero vs AI (or available game modes) because you should not play a hero you do not know in QP or Comp, IMO.

No, it is not.


Are you not winning with a hero nobody else can access without paying when it has a fundamental impact on gameplay and will likely result in a win or loss of a match?

We all know he will be strong on release. The fact we can “grind it out” after days of playing for the average player is not an excuse to say it isn’t pay to win, you’re literally paying for early access to roll other players with because he will be strong.

It would be like battlefield locking an overpowered gun behind a pay wall with the excuse that you can grind it out in days. I’ve completed the battle pass and it took me quite a while and I have way too much free time.


Welcome to Capitalism, you must be new here.


Lets not go there.

The only thing I will say is that capitalism isn’t inherently predatory, capitalism is built off of mutual self interest and free markets. Greed is a product of the human mind not the system.


We do not. Kiriko is not near strong. Is she good? Yes. Are there better or similar options? Yes.

We still do not know how strong or game changing Ramattra will be.

tell that to kiriko players who are better off usually Playing someone else

Kirko was free for everyone apart from new players (which is another topic, new players have no access to almost all heroes with an insane grind). What do you think will happen when they realise they can incentivise purchases by overpowered new heroes on release?

I would also say Immunity + a 3x headshot multiplier is pretty broken honestly. She can snipe a pharah. Even zen can’t do that without a fully charged right click.


i mean
i’m still gonna
i agree with you, though

but it literally doesn’t matter how many people you or anyone convince
it’s blizzard
they couldn’t care less
and it won’t affect them where they do care

I haven’t heard that from anyone honestly and most of my matches have been with Kirikos in my team.