Question | How Should Mercy Mains Offer Feedback?

Because of threads downright insulting them. It is a better choice sometimes not to respond than to respond. This is the case.


I saw the Bastion thread today. Fine, it’s not good that they didn’t get a response.

Hanzo has an aggressive play style and he also has only 200hp. Mccree has a similar play style with 200hp. Similar with Genji. Tracer has 150hp.

That is the biggest reason why I really dislike Mercy threads.

I could.

That’s the hard thing. At some point (maybe not right now), they might have to accept it. Reaper is my most played hero, and he’s mostly trash at higher elos. Reaper also might not really need changes either.

I thought Overbuff was not taken seriously anymore due to private profiles.

Do you mean before her rework? Before her rework she was not a must pick, who had an ultimate on a constant cooldown. 1.0 had issues, but not as many as the actual version. 1.0 was considered weak, but many had fun with her. 1.0 didn’t receive 13 nerfs, unlike this one.

People who just hate her as character, you mean. Mercy players are complaining because of reason, she has been gutted down with nerfs. We want her to be fun, not OP. Mercy haters, however, just seem to hate her as character, and complain about her instead of trying to deal with.

I don’t know anymore. I don’t know that it was taken vary seriously before, because you still had to sign up for it.

Hanzo and McCree can both be effective from a distance. Hanzo now has Storm Arrows that deal a high amount of damage (which yes I still think is over tuned) and McCree has flashbang, and also has a pretty decent weapon, with aim he can 2 shot a good portion of the roster.

Symm’s weapon must charge up to become effective, and she lacks the distance that McCree and Hanzo can have on her.

Genji has speed that Symm does not have.

And thank you for ignoring my points against Tracer with her speed and recall that can help her get out of situations.

Symm either needed a little more health or kept her Photon Barrier.

I ignored most of the paragraph

There is/was a thread saying Mercy didn’t even get 10 nerfs. I don’t know where that is though.

This is a thing i do not understand. I want Hanzo to be fun, not OP. I want scatter arrow back. They won’t do it, why would they?

I myself do not hate Mercy, just people with extreme ideas and people who insult others because of Mercy.

This is if he hits at least 3 storm arrows, when he can kill a 200hp hero with bodyshots only.

Brigitte has shield bash, which has a stun that lasts longer than Mccree’s. She is a close range hero that can counter Symmetra.

Symmetra has a beam that Genji cannot deflect.

Your welcome. You can hard counter or soft counter her with different heroes.

Photon barrier could be a good idea if the shield health was lowered.
I’ll leave for a bit and come back.

It seems that you are purposefully ignoring the intentions behind these responses.

I’m just stating that Symm Mains have pointed out that she is too vulnerable with her new rework to play in the style that it obviously is promoting.

This isn’t about Hanzo. McCree, Genji, Brigitte, Tracer…

It’s about how players of a hero who went through a rework are noticing a flaw with it that hinders the heroes ability in general.

I would point out that if feels that you are trying to argue for the sake of arguing, since I didn’t even mention Genji’s reflect or even brought up Brigitte. Or brought up the ideas of counters because that wasn’t the point I was getting across.

And I’m mentioning drawbacks of other heroes compared to Symmetra.

Ok. Doesn’t matter much to me now.

lol and still try to argue.

The thread is not right then. Here are they:

Scatter arrow had issues, new arrow has as well. Old Res has its issues, but nos as many as this one. New Res is the reason why Mercy is toned down. And because its on constant cooldown, Mercy can’t have a strong kit, to compensate her OP ability. Get rid of it, make her fun again. Simple. Not even saying to bring old Mercy back.

Because why should I mention 1.0
Mass Rez existed. There were things that made it very strong. Many people complained about it.

You can’t just assume it isn’t correct. You also have to understand what it means by “less than 10 nerfs”. And a lot of these (in my opinion) are reasonable. Another thing that interests me is that you talk about the number of nerfs she has gotten. Why? To make it sound like they were all/mostly bad? These are small nerfs. It happens.

A lot of people are complaining about storm arrows, saying that they should be nerfed.


Can’t be OP if you can stun her within 1.75 seconds, which is long enough for somebody to stun her.

Making a character fun with making them not good… There are characters that are also fun that are also not good (which is subjective), which includes Sombra, Symmetra, Reaper, Bastion, and Wrecking Ball (Hammond).
I also don’t think you could remove rez like they did with scatter. Rez defines Mercy (not the same with Hanzo). It’s what makes her different from all other healers in Overwatch. You can’t get rid of it.

Ok. Good.

We don’t, of course. We’re meant to shut up and accept the poor treatment of our hero because, uh. Because!

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lol if the thread says it’s less than 10 nerfs, then it’s wrong. Because even if they are big or small nerfs, they are nerfs. And they were more than 10. So the information is not right.

Because she was OP as hell.

To emphasize why this version is so wrong. If a character receives this number of nerfs consecutively, than something is not right about its kit. Every patch players would have to adapt on a new playstyle and yea it could be healthy, but each patch a new change is pretty tiring. The way Mercy was changed ruined the experience of the game for many players. Not all of the nerfs were small, and even if they were, a series of nerfs shows something about the character is not right.

Big news.

It is OP. Because it keeps the power of an ultimate ability. Even toned down with nerfs, it’s still an ultimate on a constant cooldown. So Mercy 2.0 had an ult on 30 sec cooldown, big heals, high mobility. In order to balance her kit as a whole, because they keep insisting on a skill that can’t be balanced on a constant cooldown, they nerfed every single aspect of her kit. Even her basic kit, which involves her heals, had its buff from 2016 reverted, and it never brought problems before.

Yea, but the huge majority of Mercy players who speak are not happy with her state, and claim that she is not fun anymore, she feels like a sidekick, with lack of impact. Plus, there are tons of people who used to play Mercy, but don’t play anymore because she became a chore to play.

Get rid of Res on constant cooldown. Res worked in her kit pretty well for a whole year since launch. Since her rework, it’s broken. Because it’s not in the place where it should be. It has the power of an ultimate. It shouldn’t be given to the player with no effort.

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It is a pseudo ultimate now.

Of the forums


So her healing and damage boost should also be removed. Her mobility should be removed. Her self healing should be removed.

by providing ideas as to how they can make her more engaging to play without bringing revert into discussion. In fact ignoring the rez aspect all-together or/and providing suggestions for abilities that can replace it. You’re welcome. :smiley:

It shouldn’t. If it is an ultimate, it should be in the place of an ULTIMATE.

In game as well, silly.

lmao. Really funny.
Res was never part of her basic kit. Because it’s too strong.
Res is not her primary thing. Healing is.
I don’t know why I’m even explaining this, because it’s just retarded. If you said something like this and you claim to play the game, I think you are not playing Overwatch.

It’s not meant to be an ultimate anymore. That is what it is now.

Not for me. Only YouTubers and people on the forums care.

I play it. I’m playing right now.


But is not balanced. That’s why they toned down Mercy. Because they couldn’t tone down Res more.
It’s not okay the way it is. I think it’s pretty obvious judging all the nerfs.

It has the power of an ult. Not of a basic ability like Guardian Angel.

Okay. Might as well say something like removing Genji’s shurikens.
This is retarded. If you don’t wanna understand, then don’t.

So she’s not super strong. If anything, buff her HPS to 55 and that’s it.

Of a solo rez, except it takes longer to use it (when using it).

They take more skill huh huh.

Watch your language please.

If you don’t.

Mercy topics in general are v diverse. Especially since mercy topics generally have different ideas on how to fix her.

On the other hand certain posts are far more repititive in terms of body. (E.g. there s too much cc in the game topics that offer zero suggestions on how to fix this, or the repititive there s so much mercy spam topics that s just about complaining rather than giving ideas)