Question for the Mercy mains

I get why it is limited like that… but he indirectly claimed that one of the most obvious solutions in this case wasn’t an option. Then the two options he left in place are the two worst options possible.

of COURSE he’s going to get told his question is bad… because it is.

It kind of is, speaking as a Mercy main. Blizzard is clearly struggling with how to balance it and its preventing the hero from sitting in a comfortable position between trash tier and must pick.

Rez is a fun idea, but just too restrictive from a balancing perspective. Let her exist as something more than a rezbot

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I wouldn’t say a majority of Mercy mains would want the old ultimate back. Personally, and among many others I’ve spoken to about it, the old mass rez was horrendous. It encouraged a ridiculous type of gameplay—run and hide, and not to mention, you were held extremely accountable if you failed to do so.

Valkyrie is a good ult, there just needs to be tweaks made. For some reason Blizzard refuses to remove rez. I’m not sure if it’s because they can’t come up with a good replacement, or if the rez is far too tied into the lore for Mercy, but they would rather sacrifice things like her healing capability or the chance to be creative with something new, rather than remove rez.

In most situations she’s kind of a bad pick now. I can barely see her as a primary healer anymore, which is unfortunate, because she was really the only, truly dedicated healer before (since you have Moira that needs to DPS to continue healing, and Ana players tend to be a little trigger happy when it comes to DPSing as well, though you can’t blame them to occasionally take shots).
It’s been a while since the 50 HP nerf. I’m not sure if Blizzard plans on making certain changes unless a new hero makes it that she NEEDS a change even more than she already does. Hope for the best?

It’d depend on what the reasoning was for it not returning but, I’d be leaning towards leaving it as is at this point.

I’m not a fan of rez on E but, I’m also not a fan of the decision making of the lead developer/his balance team.

If they don’t have a solid reasoning beyond their view that mass res should be removed in my view it would be a continuation of a sub-optimal approach when it comes to support heros.

I think another ability could do better on E but, I don’t think that under the current design the lead developer and his balance team can deliver on that. (If Blizzard would borrow staff from one of the other teams or base the work on a community idea it could work but, under their current directives I don’t think it’s likely that the lead developer and his balance team are likely enough to do a good job of it for it to be worth the risk.)

A portion of the player base do actually like using res on e and by changing it you’d likely be messing up the character for them.

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It’s meant to be a “bad question” because the entire purpose of it is to determine what Mercy fans would prefer in the instance that they could not receive their preferred fixes.

The purpose of the hypothetical scenario was to limit the possible answers, for reasons you seem to understand. While I did not specifically state that some form of compromise res would be impossible in this scenario, it’s quite clear that was the intention.

If you and others wish to take issue with the specific wording of my post, you are of course more than free to do so. But ultimately, it does very little to actually contribute to this discussion and feels much more like a needless semantic argument than anything of substance.

Judging from the amount of up-votes on some of the suggestions, there’s quite a bit of consensus…

As it stands, we have
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State at the top, with
Suggestions for Mercy from someone with too much time on her 📝 a distant second.


It is of substance.

I would not accept “Keep Mercy as she is now, with rez on E”. I would not accept removing Resurrect. To say otherwise would be untruthful and incorrect. There are however other options that I would accept, so I reject your question.

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Remove Rez, but give back 60hps.

For me Rez was just a bonus. Her real value came from her healing output.

Remove rez, burn Valkyrie

Your answer, while valid, is ultimately of no substance to a discussion of which option out of two is preferable. I’m not concerned whether either of these options is “good,” only in which of two “bad” options is less bad. But you’re certainly under no obligation to actually answer that question.

I believe you probably did understand what I meant in my original post, but in case you did not I never suggested that these are the only two options possible for Mercy. I only was curious as to which one would be preferable, if it ever came down to one or the other. If my wording confused you or my question upset you, I am sorry for that.

This is the last I’ll be saying here, I really had no intention of discussing the minutia of my wording in such detail in the first place and I feel that it’s more or less run its course

Removing Valkyrie for a burst Ult. I don’t care about E abilities or so but the fundamental issue is Valkyrie in all versions.
And even if he would say that, the Mercy community would not stop to want it back (speaking of the majority).

The discussion would shift even more against Valkyrie in that scenario, because non of the point’s are acceptable.

I have answered the question. Neither option is acceptable.

Instead of acquiescing to one of two terrible options, I have taken the logical path of suggesting alternate paths that would be acceptable.

If by some strange twist of fate I was forced to choose between the two… I’d be with Halofreak over here, with the exception of not owning a Mercy statue.


It’s the most powerful ability in the game.

Why do you think they’ve had such a hard time balancing it?

If Mercy became fun again then the second option.
She’s so bland and boring right now that I could play her in my sleep.

Because some idiot on the Overwatch team decided it’d be a good idea to turn an Ultimate into a cooldown ability.


It wasn’t a horrible idea.

It was just horribly executed.

Lolwat. How is turning an Ultimate ability into a cooldown ability not a horrible idea?


Depending on the ult it could work. For example old Molten Core. The thing is mostly a large collection of numbers buffs. There’s enough balancing levers present in that that you can reduce it to E levels of power. That’s why Overload seems to be mostly working out.

Resurrect though… no. Not enough balance levers to tone it down without being ridiculously creative… and… well… they weren’t.


Because they’re a bunch of dinguses who don’t ask their community for help when we’ve given them plenty of suggestions and guidelines that would be great to test.

Oh, and they have many ‘other ideas for Mercy’ but never put them on the PTR for testing the builds out to see if we like them.

Resurrect is an ultimate, that’s why it can’t be balanced as an E.
It needs to be put back as her ultimate with tweaks.
Where they went wrong is the invulnerability. That’s what made her OP.

It was an easy fix and they just decided to, instead of adjust, completely reworked her into the garbage she is now.


I don’t mind Rez on E. That being said they need to work on her more. She is completely defenseless if nobody protects her and all the nerfs are ridiculous to a healer that is meant to be so good. Put her next to Brig or Moira she is not going to be the pick because she can’t protect herself as well. And Brig is a good support in comparison.