Quality of life ideas

These are just a couple of ideas I’ve had to make the cosmetic side of overwatch a little better, maybe idk.

  1. In ‘Highlight Intros’ players should be able to pick which intros they want to use, a ‘select all that apply’ if you will, rather than just picking 1 or random between 4+ intros hoping you get one of your favourites, since i believe most people wouldn’t just have 1 favourite intro for some characters.
  2. Since the game was released, there have been 100’s of cosmetics created, and while adding the 4 options made it better, now there’s too much to choose from; i suggest allowing 6 or 8 slots for sprays, emotes and voice lines.
    Idk just some thoughts ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ok seems good. No argument here.

Good suggestions. We’ve talked about more of a “playlist” format for random skins, intros, etc… If we get some time to focus on Quality of Life changes, we’ll discuss adding these to that list.


:eyes: Hey Jeff, my boy. Can we finally get some progress on the game? Just a tad. Maybe some lore, or more attention to the game’s problems. Thanks a bunch. Waiting to hop back on the high horse


Hey… Good to see you still have a forum account.

Could we get an update on Bastion?

It’s only Been two years is all… Just still waiting.

Our patience grew thin long ago.


Glad to know you are reading our suggestions!

Hate to be that guy, but have you read our Bastion suggestions?


When we get some time.

Oh well, that’s never in Blizzard wording.


Thank you Jeff. We cannot wait to see what you guys have in mind.

Edit: If you have time or want to, could you please take a look at the hero concept part of the community? Here is a link to one of the showcases: Hero Concept Showcase #2: Talon Tank


Can you add some things like selecting multiple names at once in custom games so its easier to move people, etc?


Any plans to allow us to select the maps we wanna play on in QP?


Can I suggest one make McCree’s role be able to be used while jumping? It’ll help him a lot in my opinion.

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Where have you been?

I never even thought of that second idea! That would be really nifty! Also changing your skin while your dead. Would that hurt the game to allow mid game changes?

Can i suggest we address the largest thread on this forum still without an official response?

Here’s a link so you don’t have trouble finding it at the top of the list:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

All we want is an open debate.


I like both ideas there. A grid layout could work if Blizzard wants to have more than 8 and would work well for sprays, or a list for voice lines

To add another QOL idea, when opening lootboxes, for the skins or highlight intros have a compare button.

Yes please! i love the idea since i like 2-3 intros for each here and want those only.

and can we please see what we got from the previous loot box? i sometimes open a lootbox but the match starts so i didnt have a chance to see what i got.

Hey Jeff can we get a dev update in the near future about upcoming new content? The nano cola challenge helped, but regardless the game feels really stale right now overall. I know Busan is coming, but i feel thats not enough.


I was just thinking simular thoughts about the sprays. There are way to many sprays for 4 slots to ever be enough, even 8 might not be enough imo.

A quick fix I was thinking was a “random Option”. That way it would put down any random spray you have available to that character. I know there are a lot of “kind of neat” sprays I never touch just because there are better ones for the limited slots. But if it was a random option it would be nice to see what could turn up.

Speaking of cosmetics… Any chance we’re getting our hands on the World Cup skins?

An idea I had was a feature that allows you to pin 5-10 highlights to your career profile and other people can view them.

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