PUGB manage to ban 1 mio Cheaters /30 mio copies sold. And you Blizzard?

You keep ignoring the Problem? No Valid Anti Cheat Program? Countless Google Hacks still online? Bossland sued and denied court in Germany? Moderators keep deleting Aimbot Threads in this Forum? Thousand Bans over Millions of copies sold? Cheat Programmers laughting in their forums about your designs? People keep playing no matter how often you report the problem? Blizz, its a ongoing problem, its going worse, its now in nearly most active games, and it not be stop. Theres Hacks and theres People gaining money monthly of your programms, yet some Game Developers start be active, while your agenda is keeping the Problems silent.


Cheating doesn’t cost Blizzard money as long as the user base doesn’t notice. On the other hand, developing anti-cheat software and reviewing accounts does cost money. Acknowledging cheating is also bad PR. The current climate is such that, those concerned with cheating seem paranoid because Blizzard does very little in the way of communicating how pervasive the problem is, and if someone expresses their concern, they are flamed. This creates a feedback loop that dissuades those who notice suspicious behavior from reporting while encouraging those who are ignorant to it remain ignorant - but for Blizzard this is fine. Generally, there are many misconceptions about the state of Overwatch hacking. Since many of the current hacks rely on vulnerabilities in Windows 7, I would hope that Blizzard’s match-making prefers Windows 10 users be grouped together.


Blizzard practically took down the people who made Honor Buddy. It wasn’t something they did in like a weekend since I am sure it had something to do with legal stuff and etc.

I get where you are coming from OP, but I think you don’t understand how it works to get people who make these cheating programs to stop doing this or to develop something that detects cheaters in the game. It’s not something that is just made over night exactly. They have to find out what kind of cheating program is being used and how it works and then find out how to create a system to catch it and make sure if they are going to take action against anyone using it, that they are fully sure that they were using it and not just someone who might be just very good at the game.


You make it sound like it can be solved as simply as a ban

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The reason PUBG bans more players is simply because there are more cheaters to be banned. Blizzard is slow to ban, I admit, but their client it (as far as I know) trickier to develop hacks for since almost everything is serverside. Blizzard games are pretty well known for this.

PUBG is just another steam game that can be hacked into pretty easily. Plus, Blizzard uses systems in game to make aimbot creation harder. Healthbar colors changing a tiny bit, etc.


Is cheating really that big of an issue in Overwatch?
I’ve played for about a year now, and there have only been a few times where I’ve questioned someone’s accuracy.

Same. I have been playing since beta and have come across a total of one jitterbot/script user and one party of hardcore obvious aimbotters.

A common frame of mind is that “Anyone who is better than me is obviously hacking” and the tinfoil hat community will always find ways to justify these claims.


I have something like 900 hours in this game, and I’ve only ever met someone using an aimbot once, and it was Season 2 placements.

I have read a fair share of cheat forums and what not, and as far as I have seen no public cheat has lasted very long and a lot of private ones fall apart too or are fairly expensive.

Exactly, it’s not that big of a deal. The amount of resources Blizzard would have to spend to sort out a very small amount of people, is just not worth it.

I’m sure if it was a regular occurrence then Blizzard would act on it a lot harder than they do now.

I completely agree. The banwaves are enough now. Back before they made the changes in game to make aimbotting harder I remember there being more cases of aimbot moaning and more personal experience with them. The two cases I mentioned were within a few months of each other and they were before the healthbar/outline color change.

If it isn’t a direct and frequent threat to Blizzard’s wallet or to player enjoyment; hackers won’t be actioned super hard.

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Hi Nein,

Cheating in Overwatch or in all Blizzard games, is something we take incredibly seriously. Blizzard Entertainment has eight core values that represent the principles our company always has aspired towards and been guided by. One of which is “Play nice; play fair."

Players found to be using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage will find themselves permanently banned from the game.

If you have any leads, footage, etc. please contact us at hacks@blizzard.com or report players through the in-game client.

Thank you.