How to submit video evidence for hackers?

clips .twitch. tv/ ManlyGiftedCookieTriHard

We were playing earlier and we swore there was a sombra on the point contesting. The enemy team had no sombra.

At first, their torb said he was ‘hidden’ on the point. We knew this was not true because we had just killed him in spawn.

After we called them out for hacking, the pharah said she was hovering above point. We also knew this was not true because we had a pharah in the air. (you can see the rocket)

I know you can report players, but how do you submit video evidence such as the clip i posted?

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hes in the wall

I’m pretty sure intentionally glitching into a wall to contest a point should be a bannable offense. Blizzard?

here is a screen shot of where he admitted he glitched into the wall


You send it to or use the ingame client.

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Did you report them in-game?

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it actually took a little bit of time to confirm that he was using a hack/exploit so i didn’t get the chance.

My entire team did though