Aimbots on the rise in past 2 weeks

We need a new ban wave/anticheat update.
Up untill the last few weeks I havent encounter but 2 or 3 aimbots in over 1k hours played. However recently a lot of blatent aimbots/ wall hacks have been on the rise. In the last 48 hrs over 10 of them have either been on my team or on the enemy team. 2 of those have been spinbots. (Aims at the ground and kills the entier team with one shot)

I seriously dont want this game to end up in the same state as CSGO is in right now

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I would guess I see one or two people a week that make me think they might not be smurfs and are hacking. Movement isn’t good enough.

Haven’t noticed an uptick in the trend though. Where are you seeing it?
I have never seen something like you describe, stuff like that gets manul banned before it hit lvl 25 I hope.

Its surprisingly only in quickplay on older accounts. Eg silver border and up. Most people when they see it just leave the game and im assuming not reportng it.

… how? How does any character kill the entire team in one shot?

Thats part of the hack. Insta team kill. Look up csgo spinbots. Its identical to those.

I’ve still yet to run into 1 person who I thought was actually hacking.

Did have someone accuse me of aimbotting with Junkrat the other day, that’s always satisfying. When your Junk aim is so good someone thinks you’re aimbotting.

I’ve been playing this game since january 2017 and i have seen all of TWO aimbotters.

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That’s beyond a bot, that’s literal game hacking. Nothing in this game one shots tanks… except forum brig XD (sorry i had to)

Why would you assume nobody is reporting them? I know I’d take the 5 seconds it took to do so and considering how many people are quick to accuse actual skilled players of hacking and the threads suggesting people reporting for far lesser infractions, i’d say those people would be banned pretty damn quickly.

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No clue. Yea. The hacks im talking about are that level. Not just fishy aim. Literaly game breaking hacking

Clip that stuff and send it to Blizz, don’t post it here though. lemme see if I can find the addy…

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here we go:

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Even daily overwatch highlights keeps featuring one extremely conspicious aimbot each day. And these accounts are all in gm too.

What’s sad is, long long ago Blizzard said on the forums that you can not trust kill cams when it comes to detecting bots.

If that were/is the case then why would they offer a “cheating” report? I just don’t get it.

In short I think it’s there for some sense of security. We report them as cheating but the reports get dumped to /dev/null.

because if several people report it then it calls enough attention to it to warrant further investigation. Like a detailed check of logs and feed.
The reporting system is like a sledgehammer, but it still has a valid basis for what it does.

Though I will say it’s likely part of the whole systems purpose is to be there as a bogeyman to thwart interest in hacking. Just the threat of losing game access is enough to deter some people.

Are you sure you’re not making this up? There was something back in 2016 about POTG and killcam not being an exact perfect recreation of every player action shown, but no one said they’re no good for detecting aimbots. No one even said that the killcam was particularly inaccurate…