Ptr sombra is incredibly fun


The translocator being destroyable I have not found to be an issue at all. The sound on it was greatly reduced. The ability to cancel it say 5 seconds in for a 2 second cooldown so I can reposition it instead of having to wait 15 seconds longer is a very nice buff to changing battle situations.

The stealth movement speed decrease is not that problematic. A -25% speed goes from 9.625 m/s to 8.25 m/s. Over 5 seconds that’s a 6.875 m gain. That gain is neutralized in 0.83 seconds more running time with infinite stealth. Any time after that is a straight up gain in distance covered. The ability to contest is a noticeable change.


I generally use translocator quite aggressively, so since it can’t be destroyed in middair which is where I normally translocate to, you’d think it wouldn’t bother me too much… However I also like to do buffer translocators. So for example at the start of a fight I’ll throw a translocator in the middle of the enemy team’s side of the field, act like it’s not there for 5/10 seconds, then translocate and strike an EMP when it’s not expected. It’s an INCREDIBLY useful application of the translocator which is just… gone now.


I mean, no not really. Slower and more susceptible to cancelation.


I find that hard to believe, considering the massive backlash from pros and most of the community. If you’re not playing dumb, then Google is your friend. Sombra destroyed tanks so badly and consistently that they were declining as a class, even in very high elo. Triple DPS/Support comps were becoming a thing.


That never happened, the stats are right there for all to see.

At high ranks, Sombra was down to 2% pick rate by the time the nerfs hit. Tanks were unaffected (all ranks it was 1%).

The much cited Korean Contenders still used Winston and D.Va, and the ultimate winners didn’t use Sombra.


Dont need google. I was here playing her and following stats.

Just quick recap from Mr. Kaplan the big dog himself.


This never happened. Google IS my friend. You’re quite right. Maybe I should introduce you. I literally found NOTHING suggesting Sombra had been meta. Just a couple of tweets from people worried it was too much, but no actual stats backing you up. Instead, plenty of stats backing up anyone saying that you’re making stuff up.

Also the fact that I’m a Sombra main, so you know, I was playing her when this all went down


I peaked at 4400SR playing only Sombra.


do you even know that PTR Sombra cant capture anything while in stealth?


Sounds like they listen to some feedback


Because it comes at a great cost. Slower stealth speed and destroyable translocator.

Infinite stealth and translocator are amazing and there is hardly a time I believe the translocator will be destroyed. But the movement on stealth… the thing is that there is hardly a time you’ll need to stay invisible that long. The slower speed makes you easier to hit and much more predictable, not to mention you lose a lot of jumps you could make before.

If the speed stayed the same I’d be 100% for it.


The fact that Goodman is “surprised” by the overwhelming negative feedback to his Sombra changes tells you all you need to know about how disconnected he is from the game at large…


Did you even know that I posted that I forgot about it? Chill.


115 hours on sombra. love the changes so much. I’m honestly a little upset that people keep complaining. I want this to go live.


More like they listen to some outrage.

Or they realized that an extremely small minority of players liked the original changes.

Not to mention that nerfing an already bad hero isn’t a great idea.

Let alone they made 3 good changes and almost 6 bad changes for a total of 9.


Hate to say but this is pretty bad. 10-15 seconds is the same average time of most engagements. So your team is either winning the fight or losing by the time your perfect moment has come.

Most sombra’s are in position at least 3 seconds before every fight starts. If it takes you an additional second to reach a point that means you have to 2 seconds before the fight starts. If you are teaming with a tracer you are falling behind.

Now everyone has to wait for Sombra to get in position before striking Which gives enemies more time to prepare. Saying to my teammates you didn’t wait for me to position isn’t an excuse that’s going to fly well.


Technically this change introduced a bug that melee can no longer interrupt hack, so it’s kind of got its own tradeoff lol


Sigh. This literally makes no sense, but I’ll try again.

He didn’t say PTR Sombra should stay invisible while engagements are happening. Nobody is saying that. PTR Sombra has more uptime on her stealth and more freedom with her positioning, so she can be ready to engage whenever it’s most effective or follow up on engages whenever they happen. Live Sombra is the one who has to juggle cooldowns and hope she can make this happen.

Yes, and PTR Sombra will be in position way earlier than that. How could it possibly take her longer to get in position when she has a permanent movespeed buff, instead of a slightly stronger and way shorter one? On top of Translocator now being recoverable anytime, so that you always have access to it when you need to teleport. PTR Sombra will outmaneuver live Sombra in every situation with even the tiniest bit of foresight.

What? What…I just…forget it.


That’s what they’re saying!

Personally, I’m just going to use sombra to throw matches I don’t want to play. Best thing is that if I get called out or reported, all I have to say is “b-but, I was gathering intel.” That’s what everyone and their grandmother suddenly believes so it will work, so long as every so often I tell my team shoes on the enemy team or if theyre doing from the right or left.


Not really… the only nerf now is her speed whilst invisible, and the ability for the enemy to destroy her translocator… whilst you have a multitude of more opportunities; so I can’t see how she’s worse in all ways possible… your argument has no solid ground…