PTR Patch Notes

Since its so hard to click on a different forum…heres a link :sweat_smile:

Mostly bug fix stuff

I was so excited when I saw the ptr update and then I went on the forums to see the patch notes like 10 minutes ago to see bug fixes that barely change anything :frowning:
I like the new mouse tech thing though.


Damn no doom nerfs…


,2-2-2 allows us to push forward significant balancing changes’’, yep the last patch did change exactly 0 to the meta, now there will be only meaningless bug fixes and next week on Blizzcon we will see that 90% of the dev team besides 10 people working on these tweaks (sorry they are no patches in my eyes) were working on OW2 and that is why they now started to half a… this game

Well, Rein is either the most picked tank or equal to Orisa in every rank besides Masters/GM.

Hog pickrate is climbing.

And Doom winrate is falling.

So double shield was replaced by double shield? Orisa Hog was always an option in high rank (OWL) due to halt hook and the only thing that makes me happy i slightly less doom.But ad often stated his major part of the kit is still E+Shift and they nerfed his survivability and escape (fine to me but not the issue they should have targeted)

It’s very likely that this is the Blizzcon patch.

Last year they did the same thing with Ashe where her patch on the PTR went out in advanced and they simply enabled her on the Monday after Blizzcon.

It’s possible there are a bunch of hidden goodies in the patch that are currently disabled.

I thought I would see hero changes… :frowning:


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Balanced Mystery Heroes preset from including Sigma

This one is funny.

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Wonder if it will take 3 weeks to get a patch full of bug fixes into the game.