PTR Ana Question!

You mean like taking chip damage across the map and now knowing if you were playing ANY other support you’d be okay, but now you have to leave to find a health pack, run off to your other support, or burn your best ability

Or ya know

Could play Mercy and heal more, and have res and a more team orientated ult that also makes you stronger

Or how about Moira? Not only is fade half the cooldown of Sleep Dart, she has TWO ways to make sure she has full health

If Ana had a healing passive of some kind she would actually be rewarding since landing shots to heal your team will reward YOU with hp to keep yourself alive and in the game


I think adding an option in the “Controls” menu for how big of hitboxes you want your allies to have should be an option, with how it is now at 100%, and regular hitboxes for allies at 0%, which would raise the skill cap of the hero but also allow you to be more offensive if that is your type of style.

Well most of the time you need to save your abilities for yourself as Ana

If you burn them, you leave yourself 100% open to anything for 10-12 seconds depending

Range is more of a hinderence to Ana anyways; seeing as chip damage again is a huge issue since you have no tools to clear it

Like we don’t want to give her healing in duels, when dove, when out of abilities; she’ll still weak to that unlike Mercy or Moira; it just gives Ana more room to shine at what she can do without being hindered by what other support you have, what team you have, and what team the enemy is made of.

Right now both Moira and Mercy offer something different and unique without being forced into any kinda specific role or team comp because they, while they need their team, can also fend for themselves from more stuff


They’re finally looking at Ana ;-;

This won’t bring her into the meta at all but baby steps and qol are important to me.


It would be very useful if I could scale down the large tank’s hitbox bufs. I do not need nearly that much help hitting gigantic targets. Just make sure baby Dva and her mech get 2 sliders because she is both large and tiny.

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I really appreciate this style of balance, having characters with distinct strengths and weaknesses makes the game more interesting and varied. Homogonizing is pretty boring.

That said, I do think Ana could use some small method of healing herself without having to blow the Grenade cooldown. As an avid Ana player, I think this is probably the most frustrating part of her kit. Would adding a unique form of passive heal be too much for her? Something like giving her a small heal over time when she reloads would be unique, allowing Ana to tactically choose when to give herself the 1.5 seconds downtime to keep herself up. It would be interesting, balanced, and use a core part of her flavor: Managing her clip in a fight.


This is what’s really holding Ana back. While I appreciate the QOL of changes she needs some self sustain outside of her grenade. Her antiheal is her niche but it’s useless if she needs to use it on herself.

Imagine if Moira couldn’t heal herself outside of using orb.


ana is supposed to be more tricky than the other supports though
now with moira and brig… they are just forgiving, thats it

I think decision making, using the Grenade offensively or defensively, is one of those things imo that separates highly skilled players from lower skilled players. There could be more alleviation to reduce the risk or consequence of a bad decision but I don’t know if people will like that and view it as “dumbing down the game”.

I’m not really concerned with Chip damage honestly. I always hope a Soldier, Health Pack + Sombra, or other supports could assist me in surviving that. I think a supports job also includes helping the other support, not just tanks and dps.

As for Moira, I always thought she should have -10 heal and 5 second Orb damage/heal (same maximum effect but slower rate at 60/40 respectively).

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If you really don’t want to tone down her weakness(which is a weakness that no other healer has!) then you should look into giving her back 80 damage and increasing her antiheal time by one second.

Ana’s greatest strength is antiheal, but it ceases to be a strength if you need to use her grenade for self healing. There is no other support that sacrifices their main strength for such a small reason.


Still can’t heal Mei in iceblock.

2 years and counting

Every other healer can


do you have any word on the rienhardt bugs?

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Lets turn her into DPS lol

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It doens’t really help me put in the perspective of the Team’s thoughts on Ana, actually.

  • Mercy may not be able to defend her self but her defensive abilities (AKA GA and Self Heal) have the lowest CDs in the game, so in a sense- she doesn’t need to.
  • Moira has a very low CD invincible escape as well as life-leech attached to very consistent and easy damage.

What exactly is the major fall back to these characters when Ana does not have this mobility, consistently available escape options, and excellent self sustain. I won’t undersell Ana’s kit utility but when Biotic Grenade has to be wasted on self heal the majority of it’s uses when the other healer is dead, busy, or doesn’t exist, it’s like anti isn’t a part of the kit. Her damage while decent is also not a strong suit, slow ROF, naturally slower due to DOT etc. and of course no CRIT. Especially considering these healers heal heaps more than Ana. Moira heals more than Pre-nerf Ana did with her orb!

It doesn’t make sense to me because some form of sustain is present in every single healer’s kit that isn’t attached to a long ability CD. So please, if you’re still there- could you give me your thoughts about that? You could make the sustain anything, heck the popular one the forum brings up is a small self heal based on hit shots. That would make sense for the skill shot based healer wouldn’t it?


You have a lot of hyperbolic posts in this thread, calm yourself.

She was never a “DPS” when she had 80 damage in the past. Her main problem was that her grenade doubled healing on people which was mainly useful on tanks.

None of the other pieces of her kit were overtuned and the heavy nerfs combined with dive meta exposed how glaring Ana’s weaknesses are. There is literally no other healer in the game who has the weaknesses and drawbacks she has on top of her being hard to play.


I have a question why does ana do 70 instead of 75 damage i don’t think it’s fair that tracer needs three shots to die like everyone else because her weakness is that she’s squishy anyways rein can do 75 why can’t ana.


Okay. Fair enough.

However, with all the barriers in this game now (and within a few months, Symm will literally have a 5000 HP barrier that’s infinite in size), I’d argue that Ana’s weakness to them has become overbearing. They can literally invalidate her and even more have been added to the game, which is pretty major if she’s meant to be your team’s “main healer.” Lucio is the only other healer who has no way to heal through barriers, but he’s a close-range healer who can very quickly move through those barriers to get to his teammates. Mercy, Moira, Brigitte, and Zenyatta can all heal through barriers.

Oh, and in regards to teams being able to run Brigitte or Lucio to peel for the Ana and make up for her poor survivability/sustain…Isn’t one of her key strengths being able to heal allies from very far away? Will a team really want a close-range support like Brigitte or Lucio to be hanging back babysitting their Ana when at that range, they’re essentially useless to the rest of the team?

I can appreciate the thinking and balance philosophy, but I think it’s a touch misguided in this case. Ana has quite a few weaknesses (barriers, no self-heal that isn’t attached to a cd, no mobility, one highly skill-based means of CQC with a long cd in sleep dart…). Reducing one or two of them wouldn’t necessarily be gamebreaking. Plus, isn’t that what testing is for? You tried Discord through barriers and 50% damage boost, but realized those were both OP and didn’t push them through. Why can’t we at least try something that provides her self-healing or something to help her with barriers?


As a Tracer main I’ve said this over and over. Ana is unnecessarily punished by not having the same time to kill on Tracer as on other heroes, if Ana is actually landing shots on Tracer she should be rewarded.

Her shots having multiple instances of damage also unfairly lowers it against armored targets.


75 damage would be amazing (preferably 80) because she needs that more to help her survive since you don’t seem like you’re going to give her passive self healing I mean Zenyatta can heal pretty far away had a great defensive Ult and can deal a lot of damage but when it comes to Ana it’s over time (so it can be out healed) and she doesn’t deal a lot even though you have to be very accurate with it

It would be nice of one Ana change would be to allow Ana’s Scopped Rifle attack applies “Biotic effect” on enemies to prevent healing for 0.75 - 1.5s ( headshot )

This will be Meta changing and bring Ana back into the fold - it will also be a great answer to Pharah \ mercy combo. As Mercy can no longer heal Pharah in the air.