PSA: Sombra counters Tracer


Dont mean to be mean(?), but I just wanted to remind those who keep mentioning characters like Mei, Mccree, Moira, when Sombra literally makes Tracer an immobile 150HP target with hack/EMP. Probably the best counter for her now. And if she blinks out of sight, at least you are making her use them up.
That is all!


Breaks LOS with a blink Teleports behind you Heh… Nothing personnel, kid.


Sorry but you only hack a tracer when she does not blink for sometime and does not look around.

once she blinks she is mostlikely behind something that will stop the hack.


The sad truth. Hack is a buggy mess. It’s purpose was to counter high mobility hero’s like Tracer, but they’re the hero’s with the best chance to avoid it.


I figured this would be a reply, which is why I mentioned that you make her use her blinks up, allowing your team to shoot her as well.


No one ever said:

“Can we get a Sombra to deal with that Tracer?”

You know why?

Because she’s not actually very good at it.


Yep, the reality of this game is, mobility is the king. Blizzard can try to add all the counters they want, but the only real way to stop it is to nerf it because all those counter will hurt more those without mobility. And seeing all this, i have a doubt a day like that will arrive.


Dive is going to be back with a hamster vengence(WB).

You fools made your bed, lie in it.


Brig was a consistent counter to Tracer.
Sombra isnt.


Add Doomfist and Genji in the list as well.

Nothing is more amusing than watching Genji trying to wall climb while hacked.


Welp, I guess its time to nerf Sombra now. lol!


Careful what you wish for:

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Its not a wish. It is known. Lol!


Tbh, Id be glad if CC was nerfed a bit globally, but only if the insane mobility heroes are too. CC keeps them in check, but the heroes with no mobility suffer from it too.


So they nerf her Hack and her Mobility?


Mobility getting nerfed? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!
Oh man, I needed that laugh.

  • Jeff already said that he loves dive
  • Devs feel that the game w/ Tracer being played is not their vision
  • They balance everything around Tracer(even though we have our Ryu/Mario : Soldier 76)
  • Most maps favor dive.

No darling. They are NEVER nerfing mobility. Specially Tracer’s/ Genji’s.(They might nerf Sombra’s though, because f Sombra)


No, Im talking about heroes like Tracer and Genji, since they are the reasons the forums are freaking out like crazy rn.


Best of all failed hack don’t make it go on CD so you can just try again! Yaaaaaaay!


Yea i agee with the Tracer bias bit, but if the devs are listening to the pros right now, hopefully they listen to Seagulls rant abiut Tracer too.


Good thing hack doesn’t go on CD when that happens. :slight_smile: