PSA: Sombra counters Tracer


They can just dispense of Jeff and Geoff, just put Seagull in charge, save themselves a salary. He seems to be calling all the shots anyway.


If they made hack instant, but reduces its effectiveness by 3 seconds that could help, tanks couldn’t just be walked up to, but tracer could easily be killed in 3 seconds if she is in the back line.


Tracer ad ad crouch spam has been broken ever since launch because her base movement is faster than other heroes. This character should have been nerfed ages ago.


By the time that happens. Tracers already focused on you and you can’t hack her through her spray, if you try, you get put on a 2 second cooldown. You only get one chance, and even then, unhackable Tracers blink the moment they hear the hack.


So, what you’re asking for is an instant hack every time you hit the ability with no built in counter play?


PSA: Brig will still counter tracer…


Naah, still doesn’t change the fact that Sombra’s ability to hack Tracer got nerfed hard because of complaints from Tracer mains.

I solo emped Tracer back when Sombra could still get charge from healthpacks. That was the only way to get the unhackables. That ability got removed when Sombra got reworked, and her ability to hack a Tracer got nerfed after.