PS4 Voice Chat Bug


Following the Patch that was released today, Voice Chat has become unusable on PS4.

When you go in, everyone’s microphones are very loud and it sounds like they are screaming into it. Attempts to fix this issue with the microphone volume sliders have not worked. Here’s my first encounter with the issue (My microphone is normal because the PS4 manually captures that) (Volume Warning):

I’ve watched PC players and VC seems fine there. However, I’m not sure of Xbox VC.

EDIT: If you don’t already know, turn your VC Volume down to 60 to fix it.


Turn voice chat down to like 50 in your sound settings


I’m having the same problem. PS4


Having the same issue. I’m surprised such a glaring bug made it past certification on console. I realistically can’t even play competitive. This is a huge screw up, and it really sucks.


It’s not just because it’s loud. The microphones are simply inaudible.

(Denis Genest) #6

Hey everybody, sorry for this issue. Basically the patch turned up your mic volume to max. I’ve added it to the top of our known issues list, and as mentioned here, we recommend turning down the in-game voice volume to 60 or lower to compensate.

Hey, this isn’t an acceptable answer(PS4 voice chat)
What the heck is wrong with voice chat on console
Loud static mic bug?
Why is no one complaining about the mic quality on console?
Voicechat audio
Audio Mic Headset Static
Did something happen to the mics?

Ok, thanks for the help.


What about not being able to use the LFG? An entire feature down because of a bug. Please submit a new patch as soon as possible.


Can vouch. I was playing on Ps4 in comp just now and every single player on my team had the same issue using mic. We all had to exit voice chat or mute each other. Thank God my team knew how to coordinate better than the enemy. lol


Do you mean voice chat mic volume? My in-game voice setting is set to 60 by default. Thank you for quick help and response Genest.


what about the fact that it sounds like a robotic mess? :frowning:


Yeah lowering the voice-chat volume didn’t work. Everyone’s voice still sounds like AOL connecting.


Sorry to be rude, but…this isn’t really an acceptable bug in a game reliant on communication. It’s also not a hard to find one. Don’t you guys test these things?


I also have changed my settings , I did so when it first started floating around the group search as a possible fix .

It absolutely has not worked . This is game breaking as far as I’m concerned considering the game relies so heavily on communication , especially any competitive mode .

Isn’t there anything else that can be done ? Losing comp points because my teammates can’t join chat / refuse to because they don’t want their eardrums to bleed .

Also , on PS4 we still get the top and bottom parts of our screen chopped off . You can hardly see the "R3 to Endorse " but I realize there’s probably another thread for that .


on the plus side at least both sides have to deal with it


This is dumb bug. I almost just bought a new headset thinking this was a problem with my mic (a coincidence that my wire has been acting a tad fickle last few days)…But for real get it together Blizzard.


I don’t think this works. I had already set mine to 50 and I’m still getting people telling me I’m way too loud.


Very annoying bug, having it too. Makes comp unbearable to play. I had to turn my mic volume down to 10 and people still said it was too loud!

Someone please fix this!! (It should already be a top priority)

  • also everyone has to press triangle to find a game, the LFG button on the play screen isn’t working.


this been fixed yet?


While it’s good that there’s a fix, not everyone realises this! While me and my friend are talking fine, randoms we group up with are bleeding from the ears because it sounds like we’re shrieking at them