[PS4] PC and Console merged account connection error

So, I’m getting connection error (BC - 153 and LC - 208) on merged account (merged in OW1 menu).

I’ve read “Known Issues” thread, and it says next:

I have two questions:

  1. Where I can see my account merge status?
  2. How I should re-login if I can’t make through loading screen?
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My account was merged and i still dont have anything

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They mean it for the players who haven’t merged. In the in-game main menu under account merge it shows your queue in the merging process. Other than that we the individuals who did this in OW1 are screwed until further notice XD

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You can un-merge on your BattleNet (don’t worry about the massage that you can’t merge for 365 days - this only happens if you make another account. Using the same one is safe) - and then load the game on your console. When the queue hits 0, it asks you to scan a QR-Code - I did this multiple times but still can’t play

When you re merged did you get you skins and stuff?

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