Private profile? Let's change the UI

I often see people who consult the profiles of other users to always find themselves “private profile”. Well, let’s make this more straightforward in UI:

  • add an icon (for example :lock:) to indicate that the profile cannot be consulted, in order to avoid going to select it and having the “surprise” (therefore wasting time);
  • directly remove the user profile consultation option, since it is not available;

Yeah but see this is a quality of life that makes sense,

therefore Blizz won’t do it


A ranked game where you cant see your lobby rank!

Blizzard genius.


Man, I miss the short days where you could just mouse over people to see what they played most.


Per the discussion today, a lobby rating for matches is in the works.


They need to bring this back for open profiles


That lasted like a month no joke lmao
Do miss it though


These are the same people who made the actual game UI stupid. Don’t expect anything from them.


Yes, exactly. This shouldn’t be difficult to implement so regardless of priority, this should be a QOL change that goes in asap.

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If we could just see the team MMR again like we could in OW1 i wouldnt care about profiles being private. But with MM being so f—ed up it helps to see the ranks of the team I’m in/against. I’d like to know if its a match my team is intended to lose or win.


I just don’t wanna waste my time clicking view profile and it saying “private” like, okay, cool. Why didn’t I have this information before I clicked it?


But that would decrease the engagement time and also the highs and lows of expectations which is important to get you hooked on to something

Let me add another one:

  • If you have a Private Profile, you can’t access anyone’s profile.

Same reason you don’t show yours apply, right? :wink:


Actually great idea, thanks.

IKR? How frustrating is it that I try to play ‘competitive’ but I don’t know who I’m competing against. We need the ranks to be clearly visible, you can hide profiles but let ranks be public please we need this info it’s very important in competitive.

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That actually would solve both “problems”…

OP has their indication, and people that just want to quickly see top 3 they can if the profiles are open…


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If they did this I wonder if it would create more foot traffic for looking at unlocked profiles?

I really don’t get this. I must be old or my views on privacy must be ultra unique because while I’ve been a gamer my entire life, I don’t think I’ve ever stalked someone’s profile, and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would. Nevermind why it would be this normal? It’s not just here, over at Steam forums everyone does it all the time too, literally assuming that people who have their profile set on private have something to hide. That their comments don’t matter if their profile doesn’t prove they have achievement X, Y or Z. People, a LOT of people, actively stalk what other people have said up to several years back to use that in an argument, or just to insult them without any real constructive reason at all.

Meanwhile people have been trying to warn us about the consequences of TikTok , Facebook etc. privacy issues. But not only do people not mind, they embrace that stuff.

I mean OP just suggested a QoL change, I have nothing against it. It just strikes me as extremely alarming that there’s a need for a feature like that in the first place.

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Can we also fix the delay when trying to look at someone elses profile? It never used to be a thing in OW1 but ever since OW2 launched it takes a few seconds to load.

I am amazed that this happen also, but it is a thing this days.

They want to grasp at anything that in their view will disqualify other person arguments. Even tho it is fallacious they still do this. Kids are not teached logic in schools across the world and this is the effect of that.

This is a bit different.

I don’t mind google listening to what I am talking about through my phone, since they use this to advertise to me, not to spew toxicity towards me because I talked about what gaming mouse I use with my friends… They won’t spew toxicity over this, saying “oh you are using X brand not Y brand you PoS, boosted whatever bla bla bla”. They will be like “oh you talked about gaming mice? Here some you can buy. And keyboards that will go with them”. People do not mind that in general.

It is not that “privacy is an issue” it is more like “some crazy wackadoo uses my open profile to be toxic”.

A bit, yes.

Please. This is all i want. Like if you wanna have a private profile more power to you, but if im looking through all of my friends profiles half asleep at like 4 am because im bored and wanna see what modes they play, it would be nice if i didnt have to spend 3-4 seconds loading just to be told its private.