Private profile? Let's change the UI

Okay but also:

  • Make “Public” the default setting;
  • Show the 3 most played heroes when you hover over someone regardless of profile being private or public, like in the T500 leaderboard (btw can’t click on career profiles through there on console);



You do not get to snoop just to be sexist towards me.


Now I’m sexist? Okay???
I’m just saying the T500 leaderboard already does it, makes sense to add it.



What heroes I play are none of your business. And it has absolutely no impact on anything anyway, unless you’re just wanting to be toxic. I will play what I play, and my rank reflects that. Whatever is in my profile has got absolutely nothing to do with it and by the time we’re matched it’s not like anyone can do anything about it anyway.


Many people that snoop in my profile are… Fact that you want also is a red flag

so people can be sexist again towards me?

Yeah no… I think I’ll pass.

But the T500 leaderboard shows it and the ones that do have private profiles there deal with it?

It’s information. Someone asking you to swap, questioning why you’re playing a certain hero, etc, etc is not being toxic. Overused word, it’s trying to win the game.

You have every right to play whoever you want, just like I have every right to be upset that you aren’t playing as a team. It is a team game after all.
Sure it’s just a game at the end of the day, but it’s a more fun one when people are willing to collaborate and play as a team. I’m all for you playing your main/one trick but as soon as it’s not working/you get countered you swap, otherwise you aren’t playing as a team.

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It’s information. I look at mostly EVERYONE’S profile, when I play Competitive, without knowing if they are a guy, a girl, other, cat, dog, like I don’t care. I’m just getting info to know who I’m playing with and against. If that sort of thing happens to you I’m sorry but that ain’t me.

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You didn’t experience toxicity over a profile, did you?

Sure… But that does not give you right to snoop…

And that has nothing to do with you snooping.

Does not change the fact that you being this upset over it is actually a red flag.

Yes it does happen. More often than you think.

Like Valorant and a lot of other games

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These issues have literally nothing to do with one another and I am honestly a little worried for you that you don’t get this.

Whether you can see someone’s profile information or not changes nothing about the outcome. They will play what they want, swap if they feel like it - or not. You being able to spy on their profile has zero bearing on that outcome. The only reason you want this, by your own admission, is that you can spy on someone’s profile to order them around to switch to another hero of your choosing. But that choice isn’t yours, it never was. Never will be. It’s theirs. And if they don’t swap when clearly being countered then yes you’re right, they’re being a bad teammate. But you being able to spy their profile won’t fix that. It has nothing to do with the issue. You’re asking to break their privacy for the sake of being able to attempt to boss them around, and nothing more.

This is basically similar to say, if you were in a school and demanded you should have access to the information about how other students spend their time in their homes. Literally just spy on them when they sit there. On the premise that if they’re not contributing to their team assignment projects then you want to see what it is that they were doing. You’re not even a person of authority, not their teacher, not their boss, but just another student (and it’s illegal even for people and companies in authority positions, imagine where you stand in this). And you want to know this, because you want to know. Even though you have no power to change their behavior. Stuff like this is EXACTLY why the concept of privacy, including privacy laws, exists.

As for T500 that’s a completely different issue entirely. In an esports game the T500 people basically represent the celebrities, professionals. Top famous people often covered in streams and related media. They are already public personages, whether they want it or not.

That doesn’t mean that every bottom-tier division or hobbyist player should have all of the sports media stalk and scout them and their homes and hobbies and the people they hang out with. Those are not public persons at all, they’re very much private.


This totally makes sense, I’m really tired of clicking into each player’s profile in comp to check my rank elo, and seeing 80% of them being set to private.

At least a team average elo ranking should be shown at the beginning of the match, just like the way it was.

I would like it so that I can set rank to be public, and set-up 1 to 3 heroes per role that I would prefer to play, rather than the top 3 heroes that I have the most hours on. This way people can quickly glance at my profile for the relevant information, while hiding everything else.

Game should constantly give a popup that players can set-up prefer heroes in their profile, unless they click on the “never ask again” checkbox. The default should be only the very top hero played on each roles.

Now this is a much better approach! I would love something like this.

We can go even further and set up heroes that we would absolutely not play, so don’t tell us to swap to x hero. For me, this is Mercy in the support role, as she is my worse win-rate hero.

Yeah the way it’s set up now would be like if a store had a sign in the window saying “come in, we’re open!” And then you walk in and there are no employees and all the shelves are empty and you’re like… wtf? haha

i think we should be able to select certain seasons to not be shown

They need to bring back the popup thing we used to get when looking at people in the player’s list that showed most played heroes when you hovered over their name. No need for time or even to show most played overall; just of the specific role they’re selected for. Easy. Now we’re able to look and decide what to play accordingly without having to wait an hour.

Eh, if you’re picking and choosing what seasons you want shown to your team then it’s pretty obvious you have something to hide.

You should either have everything open to everyone, or private to everyone you don’t know.

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I like this option because it will be less frustrating. Not only would it help the “all profiles should be seeable” Entitled Jerks get over their anger faster from trying to be control freaks it will help people who play to have fun and who don’t like annoying snob drama.

Whatever shuts stalkers up. Of course by doing this you would save them time to do their “you have a private profile therefore you’re bad at the game!” harassment.