📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

I’m simply explaining that some things have easily identifiable value (in a technical sense), while others do not.

If you kill 5 people in a few seconds, obviously that was pretty good.

If you kill one Reaper who the rest of your team didn’t know was there, preventing what probably would have been a team-wiping Death Blossom a few seconds later, you might have just won the game with that play, but technically all you did was kill some random guy. The system can’t easily tell what your teammates are aware of, what the opposing team is planning in the near future, or whatever other complex factors might indirectly make an action important.


I see Ana and Zen just as much as Mercy.
Grant it DPS are more shown.

Well, how do you explain this?!?


You were playing an original hero from overwatch… That’s deserving of a potg.


Chibi’s nostalgia knows no bounds.

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No they actually affects especially new players. When you play game and see POTG from DPS over and over again you want to play DPS because you feel like it more rewarding! And vice versa if DPS players saw more cool POTGs from tanks and supports they might want to try it too.


I love Turret plays.
I have a Torb one that has me running off to get a Health pack and my turret gets
me a Quad kill.

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There not much they can do looks cool.

I bet if they add slow-mo effect it would be

Yeah most require using their ults.
Rein hammers 5+ people then kills them all.
Road pushes 4+ off the map.
I rarely see Orisa.
D.va nuke… that happens too much though.

Oddly enough, they all have to do with eliminations.


Because it’s a 1 button POTG.

Reinhardt and Roadhog has to put more effort in it.


Honestly, most the POTGs I see are Moira POTGs that don’t really do a lot.

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Not really. It would just look slow.

I get this quite often.

As for tanks, clutch plays are hard to detect. Kills are easy. Aggro tanks focused on building and cycling ults quickly usually have no problems getting it.

For supports, the PotG window is too short. Double the length of a PotG and Ana would get it every time since you pretty much do PotG things all game.

The only potg discrimination I see is towards complete bollocks.

90% of them are a final blow on somebody with 10hp and an assist or two. Or a dead torb, or a dead sym, or moira getting an orb double kill…or whatever garbage play you can imagine.

I got one on sombra the other day where I was just dead start to finish and the guy I hacked before I died eventually died…

Potg is very rarely anything cool.


And how often comparing to the DPS just kills 3+ players POTGs?

lmao supports usually have the best ultimates in the game
clutch zen ults, clutch lucio boops, and good brigitte brawling can easily get you potg

out of all supports, only two ever struggle to get potg

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Hard to say. On Zen I get those somewhat often too.

It comes down to a lack of good artificial intelligence. The AI it would take to truly derive valuable play based on actions would cost millions to develop and implement.

Any easy metric to calculate would be damage applied. It’s an event that can be easily detected and calculated. And the current algorithms value it higher, probably because it’s more readily comprehensive.

Programming is a lot harder than most people make it out to be.

Yeah I got potg for bopping a Brigitte off the map…that’s it, that’s all I did lol it was kinda awkward