📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

looking at my recent D.Va potgs

Sorry what did you say, Miss Aria?

I’ve gotten 2 POTGs as Ana before (I studied 5 years in university to know how lol), but the POTG is just whoever does the most damage in a 10 second period. DPS usually being that as they are dealing a lot of damage or healing a lot for supports. A zen potg can just be him ulting.

To be fair, it isn’t exactly hard to get POTG with Dva. It’s just 1 press of a button. Maybe 2 if you decided to have it flying.

I can’t say the same thing for heroes like Ana and Mercy.

I did help a Moira get POTG, as Rein.
I was low health the entire time and hammer the enemy team then knocked them all of the map, they were lined up nicely.
She had her ult on me the entire time. Probably the only reason I lived through that.

Most of my recent D.Va potgs are actual fights on the point rather than getting huge ults.

Pretty decent by me I’d say (also me literally shot calling when this very moment shown in the POTG happened).

I have more of those but I didn’t save them.


I’m a support player. Moira can quite easily get potg with a good ultimate, same as Zenyatta. Lucio can get it if you get like 2 enviro kills. Ana never gets them, Mercy gets lucky and steals other peoples’ potgs.

I can suggest algorithms for this cases. For example if Rein/Winston/Orissa shield get damage from Ult run additional check to see how many teammates die if there was no shield. If bionade heals 3+ teammates who receives damage after that it was probably great rescue nade and so on. But this means that Blizzard should make algorithms for most abilities and not some primitive universal algorithm which should fit all like the current one.

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It’s certainly not impossible to detect these things, it just involves a lot of extra data processing that wouldn’t be used for any other purpose. Unless it somehow made POTG feel a lot better than it currently does, which I sincerely doubt it would, it seems tough to justify the efficiency loss for that, let alone the development time.

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But how much Tank/Support Ults you saw in your game comparing to the DPS 3+ kills POTGs?

I use the hacked POTG intro and get it quite often. It upsets my duo partner so much when his pops up briefly only to see a typing Sombra kiss the screen.


Maybe on PS or in other ranks situation is different but on PC in golden I see 3+ kill POTGs most of the time. I saw Sombra POTGs only a few times in quickplay and once I even got one myself.

You can pretty much secure it if you get at least a 4 man EMP with two kills and two assists.

I have one saved somewhere on my pc (b4 highlights) that I always used to show my friends when they would complain about not getting potg with tanks. It was a rein clip, and ana had nano’d me. It was pretty typical stuff, but I would always tell them listen to the only 4 words spoke. And those words were hammer down followed by team kill. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I don’t say that the DPS are getting POTG in 100% cases. But look at the situation in general there are roles in the game and depending on role the player has main tasks he should do and focus on: the tank players are protecting the team from damage in different ways the supports are healing and supporting the rest of teammates in different ways and the DPS are killing the enemies. In general this is true although of course DPS can support while tanks and supports can damage and kill. But the game still rewards for killing most of the time and tanks and supports when they get the POTG most of the time it involves killing but not their primary task.

That’s pretty amazing. Sombras POTG is one of the rarest in the game next to Anas.

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It would favor tanks then and doesn’t really look cool to the new players.

Also, what if your teammates all had a way to avoid the ult with their abilities?

I actually didn’t know that. I guess I’ll start saving them for you guys.

I actually seen a Ana potg today purpled the whole enemy team on obj an saved a winston that had a sliver of life left. Pretty epic.

Oh this is old but still one of my favs.

Yeah it happens sometimes but it is still the POTG for killing enemies as Anna. DPS players get killstreaks much easier and therefore get POTGs much more often.

I actually pretty unfair. The people who say it doesn’t matter are normally the people who get POTG often or main Junkrat.

The game flaunts that everyone makes a difference but when it comes to the moment that makes everyone have to watch your accomplishment, it’s restricted to only certain heroes.
Don’t lie and tell us that getting POTG doesn’t matter or it’s overrated.
Getting praised by a parent or being told good job doesn’t matter but it still feels good or makes you proud of yourself.

~Truely Yours xoxo,
A Defender, And Backbone Of The Team.
Tank Mains Unite! :shield: