📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

Do anyone feels like most POTGs they see are from DPS players? I feel like 95% of POTGs I saw in my games was from DPS players.

Why does developers try to achieve 50/50 winrate on maps but does not do the same for POTGs? Is it so hard to change the POTG criteria so that 33.34% of POTGs was from DPS 33.33% from tanks and 33.33% from support? The POTGs are essential part of player reward and they stimulate the players to continue. But for some reason the game stimulates the DPS player although it is the most rewarding class to play anyway. There are many DPS that think they are doing all the job and currently POTGs supporting that thought about DPS supremacy.

The problem is that most POTGs are given for killing enemies even tank and support POTGs involve enemy kills. The 3-5 killstreaks from DPS are happen almost in every game but still it guarantees the POTG almost every time. You can even sometimes hear it in team chat when the player kills 4 enemy players he is sure he will get POTG. It’s unfair for the classes whose role is not to kill enemy but keep your team up. And if 3+ killstreak is so common why it is POTG at all?

Where are the POTGs from Rein who saves the team from D.Va bomb with his shield or Winston just in time bubble? Where are POTGs from Lucio or Zen who pops his Ult in time to save the team during critical push or in grav? Where are the POTGs from Anna who heals half of her team with Bionade just in time to repel the enemy attack or debuffs enemy team in the same situation?

POTGs are important they could:

  1. Encourage the new players to try Supports and Tanks
  2. Attract players through youtube and twitch by showing them that Overwatch is not only about being good DPS
  3. Show for certain DPS players that tanks and supports are doing the work too
  4. Show that game really favors the tank and support players
  5. The DPS POTGs are so often that it really devalued now. More tank and support POTGs will make DPS POTGs more appreciated too

My thought is at least the game could track some critical damage blocked or critical rescues and critical healing applied stats. Critical damage blocked stat shows the damage blocked that would otherwise kill friendly players. Similar to previous critical healing applied stat shows how many healing was applied to teammates that would otherwise died due to damage in a few seconds. Critical rescues stats show how many friendly players were rescued from certain death by blocking critical damage or by applying heal a few seconds before damage received.

Please Blizzard, give us the great POTGs for players who are great teammates, and not just for players who killed a lot of enemies!


Because POTG doesn’t actually affect anything other than ego.


POTG should go to DPS. They do all the killing. If you’re a support and have an epic moment where you kill 4, you’ll get your POTG, its just that’s not the support’s job. Treat it like a self-POTG in your mind, if you helped a Rein escape from the verge of death, congratulate yourself. Doesn’t matter if it’s public.


Ana’s POTG is the biggest joke, I think since her release I’ve seen at best 4 POTG with her.


They knew Sombra would never get potg so they gave her the best one


POTGs come from specific identifiable things, such as kills, healing, and ultimate interrupts. While a Reinhardt holding up his shield is probably useful most of the time, there’s no clear algorithm to decide that it happened to be extra special at a particular moment.


Because how many enemies killed or how much damage done in a short time is the easiest for the game to track. If you were to try and have it figure out what the actual “play of the game” that caused your team to win was, like that one clutch Ana heal or a tank blocking a D.va bomb, that information varies a lot more and they’d have to spend a lot of time working on an algorithm for a part of the game that while fun to see, is ultimately pointless.


Because DPS are apparently the only ones allowed to have an impactful moment/ultimate. And the other obvious reason, POTG system is trash and should be updated.


I see Mercy and Rein plays a lot.


Idk I see supports get POTG quite often, except for Ana. I’ve gotten a few POTG as Moira for healing and not DPSing.

There’s a hidden point system that’s accumulating points for every player behind the scenes. The more you’re doing, healing, killing, capturing the objective, saving others, etc. the higher your points get. The system then takes the person who had the most points throughout the match and replays that heightened moment as Play of the Game.

Ultimate plays tend to be the highest point scoring moments, so they tend to get the POTG attention, but we don’t know how many points equals what, the team never explained it.


POTG needs a massive overhaul.
I mean, Ana can’t even get it.

If only we had an update on that POTG 2.0 with dual highlights that the developers talked about 2 years ago.


I’ve recently seen quite a few POTG’s given to Mercy’s, Moira’s and Ana for healing or clutch saves (without being lifesaver) in games where there may have been a triple kill by Genji or Reaper.

I got one on Busan for spinning while Rezzing Hog and then saving our Ana from a Sombra and one earlier today as Moira for saving my team from a Dragonblade with Coalescene even though half the POTG was me stood in the middle of point in Ligang Garden due to a stalling Hamster.

The algorithm is no-where NEAR advanced enough to survey the situations for a clutch play, so it determines it by points, those points are also in your on fire meter.

Also healing can’t be jacked up to be the same as kills otherwise it would just be a moira healing 3 tanks.

EDIT: I can’t link it, but the equation for a simple thing like the shaking of a pokemon ball is insanely long, imagine how advanced the POTG system’s equation must be.


Yes king go off! Only the real carrys deserve potg! we love dps :slight_smile:

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Hi Aria Rose, Its about time we met, you and I had a nice chat in the YT comments not too long ago, but you should see my comment down below.

(also your wrong, tanks generally have the best ults in the game)

POTG means nothing. I saw dps who did nothing the entire game but one single ult with 4 or 5 kills and even that only by dum luck or others help. Most ridiculous think is when a Hanzo/Genji gets POTG for killing people traped in grav. POTG needs a rework!

I haven’t seen Mercy get potgs for a while. Moira seems to be the support I see get it most often. Lucio if he gets some environmental kills.

Well, that’s kinda how it’s supposed to be. The play of the game has always been about mostly kills, as that’s mostly what gets you on fire, not burst healing etc. Dps are also the flashy characters that do the killing, and that’s why a lot of players are attracted to them (this lead to me having to fill tank and support and then being forced into that role forever, my biggest regret being that I wasnt more stubborn)


They’ve changed the POTG algorithm like 5 times. First it was always Torb. Then it was always Mercy. Then it always went to just dps. Etc, etc. I just don’t care anymore honestly.