Post with most views?

im kinda curious on what post has the most views and comments. anyone know which one it is?

It might be the mei fan club but someone please state if you’ve seen a post with more popularity

You are aware that you can look this up right?

Instead of Latest, you can look at Top, set it to all time, and sort by most views.

Apparently the most viewed is the Overmoji Cafe. Second is a post by Geoff Goodman about upcoming Support changes… which is a 404 error so that’s fun. Third is Titanium’s post about still hating Mercy’s current state. Fourth is one about how Bastion is being ignored. Fifth is a wiki post about the current available arcade modes.

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oooo thank you kind sir

well now I feel a smidge bad for being a little snarky, but I’m glad I was able to help.


its no problem!

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Pretty sure we were number 2 once.

That one’s got the most likes. It hasn’t got the most views or responses… but it does have a lot of both.

Oh wait i think this has the most views

I get a different list for some reason…

Edit: oh got t3 back after being inactive. :slight_smile:

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