Possible Brigg compensation buffs?

In addition to the Briggite changes from Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – June 23, 2020:


  • Health:Armor ratio adjusted from 200:50 to 150:100
    • Total Health pool remains 250


  • Self healing increased from 50% to 75% when Barrier Shield is destroyed

Repair Pack

  • Healing increased from 55 to 60 health per second
  • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
    • Now has up to a .75 second interval at which Repair Pack’s duration is paused if the target is not missing any health

Barrier Shield

  • Deployment animation is now 25% faster
  • Movement penalty reduced from 30% to 20%
  • No longer interrupted by Repair Pack’s animation

I couldn’t really think of much to help Brigg out if these nerfs go through. Do any of these sound good enough to justify the nerfs on the experimental card? If anyone else has ideas, feel free to say them…


No, tone back the Repair Pack nerf with a reduction of armor and not a removal (or make it scale with max hp), and don’t nerf shield but keep the +50hp. This nerf either mustn’t go through or should be toned down.

The experimental nerf is unneeded, overkill, and uncalled for.


Your idea is to not push the changes through, which I agree with.

I’m just thinking of possible compensation if the changes go live.

Very true

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Nerf repair packs healing output and have armor always apply on cast

(antinade counterplay yay)



I like this very much

But wouldn’t that make Ana Brigg even more meta? Not that I have a problem with either tbh, I’m just thinking aloud here.

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It probably would unless they made her heal less in exchange for something else

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None of these are needed. Further, you’re not really understanding how armor works in this game.

By increasing armor to 100 and reducing her health by 100, you’ve basically given her a net increase in effective health. Combined with barrier, she now has the effective health of 600, about a 20% increase.


I think I do but tell me

That’s not how armor works but ok. It’s also cheap to combine barrier and her health. Does that mean Rein is a 2300 health tank? Not exactly. In fact, not at all.

Lel no?

Tell me what 250+250 is. Do it.

Not 600? Good, you’re learning.


I don’t even know what type of math that is

I guess Orisa is the best tank at 1500 health plus fortify.



Can’t believe I forgot to carry that zero!

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Don’t forget wherever that extra 100 came from.

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Actually Sym is op

Take her turret’s hp + her teleport’s + her ult

Omg! Op!


The truth is somewhere in the middle. She ain’t get no 600. But she definitely gets more than 500. It depends on who is shooting the armor. If it is say Tracer… well, that cat is not going to reasonably die compared to how easy it would be to clap a 600 hp Hog if he was, idk… hacked.

My point is none of this is in a vacuum. 100 extra armor would be a FRESH buff.

:disappointed_relieved: uh?

What is this, 2018? Wreckingball has been the best hero for awhile now with his mines.

I truly refuse to believe his mines surpass 4290+ hp.

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Nvm Im dumb

I thought they had 130 hp but they deal 130 damage lol

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my original idea (don’t steal :wink: )
what if we just remove repair pack and make her shieldbash good again by just simply giving it damage and or possibly make it go through barriers again (snicker snicker)

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Don’t hate it don’t love it

Brigg combo through a shield will tilt me more than a doom combo through a shield tbh

By default picking Zarya gives everyone +200 hp and they give her charge

Omg op!

Actually D.Va and Sigma op

They can’t die

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