Possible Ana sleep bug with hitboxes blocking movement

Hey guys,

So recently, it came to my attention that Blizzard implemented possibly something to try and discourage “tactical crouching” on sleeping targets? I don’t know if this was their intention, but what they did was now when a target is sleeping, their hitbox still exists, which could have significant implications competitively.

My friend and I hopped in a custom game to capture some examples, but I’m sure the extent of this could go much further than we tested. As shown in the video, sleeping tanks completely block hallways, and I could only sometimes get past them by jumping over them, while other times, they completely blocked me while only playing as Ana. I can only imagine that this would be way worse for bigger heroes as well.

Hopefully, Blizzard reverts this if this was their intention because personally, the idea of implementing something to prevent this is idiotic to me. If it is just a glitch, then I hope it can get patched quickly.


There was a third video but it only allows me to put two :confused:


Stealth tbag nerf!!!

Ana can also sleep dva bomb and gun turret now too from what I saw ML7 doing

It has already been acknowledged:

Is this not a different issue though? I just checked the PTR and the issue still exists even though the other part was patched.

Woops, sorry i thought i replied to LeotheLion.

Your issue is indeed something else, i’ve noticed it too and it seems to occur with all hero’s but Torbjörn doesn’t have this issue.

My bad, and maybe it is because Torb is too small? Honestly no clue why it’s in the game.

Thanks for the report. We’ll have a fix for this with the next release.


While your at it, can you fix the bug where if a character is slept on a slanted surface like the the ones going down on to the point on ilios ruins, that their head can go through the surface, stopping you from being able to land a headshot on them


Hey, I thought I’d chuck this here and hopefully someone would read it. I’ve come up with what I think is not a bad idea for a new main tank and I just wanted to get it out there for someone to read. If you don’t read it that’s fine but there’s no harm in putting it out there for someone to read.

Main Tank.

500 health

Holds a hand mirror that extends (the mirror has 650hp). The mirror deflects damage back at the enemy. However, similar to how lucio switches between heals and speed, this tank switches between deflecting bullets and lasers. There’s a couple of other tweaks with the deflection:

  • The angle in which the damage is deflecting is purely the angle it hits (if the comes from the left it deflects to the right…from the right it goes to the left… straight on it goes straight back).
  • If you’re deflecting a beam, the damage the mirror takes is reduced by 40% but the counter is that bullets do 40% more damage to the mirror and vice versa.

Other mirror features:

  • It acts like a Rein shield where the tank cannot attack whilst the mirror is extended and deflecting.
  • The regeneration rate is slightly slower than what Sigmas shield is at currently.
  • The size of the mirror is slightly smaller than Sigmas current shield.

Tank Weapon:

  • Similar to Zens orbs, the tank flings shards of glass as their primary weapon.

Other Ability:

  • The same length as Roadhogs hook, the tank sends out a strip of glass along the ground that does damage to people that they hit. Cooldown 7-9 seconds. Damage is 80 on impact.

Tank Ultimate:

  • Selects a square area on the map and glass falls from the sky and stays on the map for a small duration. Damage Is done If the glass lands on the enemy plus there’s an area effect (similar to torbjorns ultimate) where if the enemy walk on it they take damage (lasts for 8-10 seconds).

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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