Please rework Bastion

So I’m a low gold player on all roles at this point. I understand that bastion is not as viable in higher ranks but in my case Bastion is the most annoying hero out of any other to play against. And of course I hate it when I’m up against a really good Mei and whatever I do I find myself frozen and dead or a Doomfist that appears out of no-where to one shot me and then instantly get out of there. But those situations don’t come even close to being up against a Bastion double-shield comp.

You’re pretty much always in cover and if you go out of cover for 2 seconds to output some damage you’re already at half health. Your shields break instantly, if you’re a bit overextended you get punished instantly. All that value from someone that sits behind shields and is left-clicking while the whole enemy team is protecting him. He’s basically the easy way to win a hard match-up or just to win the game without doing much honestly. It always feels cheap losing to Bastion comps.

Also I know that Bastion is weak in higher ranks and his kit is really boring. In lower ranks he’s too rewarding for the braindead gameplay he brings to the table.

I think he seriously needs a rework. One that will make him more viable for higher ranks and less oppressive for lower ranks. I honestly can’t stand Bastion in this game.

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Zero posts made before, you admit to bein in low gold do ya…

I’m curious… after killin me what is it you were plannin on doin?

Without team work of your own, you will always fail against teamwork, no matter the Bastion or not. That’s where your problem lies, not the heroes at hand.

Considering there’s OW2 in production and they don’t really plan to make major changes until that expansion is released, any rework of Bastion is gonna have to wait.

All in all bastion is usually IMO a means just to hold a singular choke. (a stall for time on defense) Such as the one with the big gate. Otherwise flankers at least with decent cability can kill bastion pretty easily. Even with double shields a well placed reaper, genji, or tracer can make short work of him. Even longer range characters can if they use their heads and stop firing into the shield and go to the sides can take out bastion. Remember his spread kills effectiveness at longer ranges unless you are bulky af.

Heck even sometimes a distraction works well enough to get most lower skill bastions to panic. (which usually means they get up and try running away while healing to no avail) Without good reflexes a bastion will always be a food for a flanker.

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Bastion would still be bad if they replaced his bullets with healing darts and made his ult give anti-heals.

Robot Ana.

But you’re not seeing the big picture. Bastion is problematic on all ranks because of his one dimensional kit which gets value if there isn’t much team work on the enemy team and doesn’t really work when there is. I know that I’m complaining about this as a gold player but I’m talking about finding a solution that makes him fit in all ranks.

He needs to be reworked into a tank the fact that they haven’t even commented on that idea is ridiculous

I’m not seeing the big picture?

Myself, you mean to address?
I digress…

Unless, you’d like to know more.

20 thousand posts made, many more hidden…

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

I’ve made my own reworks, but the subject’s forbidden…


poor you… here… have a /pat on your head :frowning: poor bastions… forgotten by blizzard… I cant support you right now… I am protesting for Echo

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Its obvious that they don’t care about niche characters like sym and bastion, I’m sorry but it’s kinda hopeless. Bastion has been at the bottom (pickrate) for almost a year now :(. (Sym was good for a week and she got dumpstered.)

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I need not your kind support, as much as it would be welcomed… for i feel not you’re of the mind to retort. Well, come to think of it…

Bastion is that of a flower, wilting and tilting those who refuse to cower to an iron will or overbearing fire power.

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Bastion is a very niche hero, that excels amazingly at what he’s designed to do.

Which is gun down poorly built and communicative teams. This is why Bastion is quite the monster at lower ranks, and why he’s only picked at higher ranks when one needs to force a draw.

My advice to any gold player is to start using coms more, as well as pay more attention to how you use your ult. Good example, there’s never a reason to really to stack two support ults, thats an easy way to throw your game.

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Gold players? In team chat .
Funny joke

He is not that good at lower ranks, he is a balanced winrate there, infact his winrate there is actually pretty bad. Sure, Overbuff only counts public profiles but it’s still a large sample size. And most of the people who play him there aren’t mains, they just flex when they see the oppurtunity.

Because he isnt a tank. If they were gonna rework him it would be much easier to just rework him as a less oppressive dps.

I wish they could just try some of these ideas on experimental!
Edit: oof this was 21d ago… still my point stands XD

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I’m glad i am still supported in some of my decisions to list these specific changes as possible fixes to Bastion’s current state.

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