Please Revert Mercy 2.0 changes

Okay? That has nothing to do with how she’s somehow rewarded for teammates dying. If the value is the same regardless of how many died, how is she rewarded?

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Yeah I’m gonna pass yo. This seems like a lot of work.

Agree to disagree. We all got our opinions yo.

Stop with the MERCY SPAM let our FORUMS in peace thanks!

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Yes, proving something you have no argument for would probably take a lot of work.

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Wording my argument in a way that isn’t liable to misinterpretation is indeed a lot of work.

I don’t see why attempting to try and convince you, this one specific forum user, would be worth the time and effort it’d take.

I can argue. I just don’t see a point right.

That said, Kailan, I truly do appreciate your approach and perspective. I will do my best to further understand the situation. I have nothing but admiration and respect for your approach and patience. Thank you.


Proving your argument wrong =/= misinterpreting it.

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You must always consider, but never assume, the position of people that disagree with you.

This is a fundamental truth, and one I feel you have failed to appreciate. Just being honest, I don’t mean to be offensive.

I suggest you continue to consider and think about this game and how Mass Rez interacts with it as a whole, outside of your personal experiences and what you yourself saw. Try to understand the position of those that disagree with you.

That’s about all I have to say.

I understand that you don’t like mass rez. You’re entitled to that opinion. I just don’t see any evidence that supports it being inherently unbalanced or broken.

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Actually no, Jeff has made 3 forum posts and one youtube Video where he specifically has said they will not revert Mercy, they prefer the direction of Valkyrie over Mass Rez and will continute to iterate upon it, and he has even said in several interviews that they want to keep Valkyrie and Rez on E. So…yeah.

Never going to happen. Sorry.

None of what Blizz has said means mass Resurrect is never coming back…

For the sake of her core balance, Rez needs to be tied to the ultimate somehow - it cannot be left as a standard ability otherwise Mercy’s core kit will rot and that is happening now.

I just beg that they consider:

  • Changing Valkarie to a std ability. 5 secs duration, 30 secs cool-down, non-intteruptable rege removed
  • Changed Rez back to ultimate which could be as simple as ‘two standard Rez charges’ (each wirh 1.75sec cast time) or the return of mass Rez (hold diwn mouse button…cast time = 1.75 cast time on first rez + 0.50 secs per additional Rez in a 15m area. LOS required in all cases.
  • Return healing to 60HPS

A sufficient cast time that went up with move rez’s that you are trying to pull off + no invulberability would balance mass Rez in the ultimate slot without the return of ‘hide and Rez’ being effective again.

Yes, it does. Jeff specifically said they prefer having Valkyrie (or any variation of it) as her ultimate and believe it is the healthiest option for her, and have also said they want to keep rez on E in some shape or form (in response to people asking for a new E ability in the Lunar New Year Dev Update I believe it was). There’s also a forum post where he says they believe Valkyrie is the healthiest direction for her and will continue to iterate and change it until she is balanced.

They have a track record of being contradicting. An example is the existence of deathmatch.

Just because they want to doesn’t mean they will stick with it for the end of time.

A revert isnt going to happen and I would prefer another rework over that anyway.

This is the rework suggestion I am fighting for :)
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I know I voted for that. :smiley:

Here: :heart::heart::heart:

I ran out of likes.

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imo old mercy was a problem since all she had to do was hide and when the fight was over come in and rez not contributing to the fight until the end.

Never realized how much attention this got, I wanted to add a couple things because Mercy is living in her own shadow. I’m not trying to spam Blizzard but I can’t believe how prideful, and disrespectful they are being by ignoring all the drama. And punishing passionate players who just want fun back…