Please remove Endorsements

In all seriousness, I really want them to remove Endorsements, and hear me out. I understand the reasoning for them. It promotes positive behavior and that’s great. But there’s one major flaw to it that ruins LFG in a way. It’s that people are farming Endorsements. When you finish a game, even if you won and you just played really well together, people will leave the match because they have received Endorsements, and they will then group up with different people so they can get more Endorsements. It then forces me to re-queue after every match. It’s annoying.

Also, please don’t add rewards for Endorsements, because then it will only get worse.


Youre technically requeueing in solo queue too. You just dont have to make the group again.


I almost never have people leave the group in comp when were winning matches you must have bad luck


I bet this behavior is very different between quick match and competitive. I play quick match and arcade most of the time. I rarely play competitive. Maybe I should play it more for the purpose of grouping with like-minded players.

I do see this a couple times, pretty annoying when you have a solid squad and one or two people just leave

To be fair most of groups I play with hold up to 3 continous matches. Even if using LFG. Unless we work well together and have fun. Then group stays despite running out of endorsments.

If you wanna play seriously and like close matches I’d recommend comp forsure. With lfg in the game now it’s so much more enjoyable than it used to be. Dont worry about rank just play to win and you’ll have fun.

I like LFG in quick play because I enjoy Overwatch the most when my team simply groups up, and our team comp at least makes a little sense, i.e. at least one tank and at least one healer. Beyond that, I don’t really care about winning.

Competitive intimidates me because I worry about grouping up with people that try way too hard, and in my experience there have been more toxic players in comp.

I’ll just have to suck it up and try comp in LFG more and see how it goes.

You get those people forsure. But with lfg now you can literally decide who you play with. Remove the a-holes and keep the fun people till you have a whole team working well together and then bang out the wins. I didnt think lfg would be all that but it seriously has me enjoying the game like I just picked it up all over again.

Now, I was and never have been a Toxic person, but after the endorsements rolled out I’ve gotten so fed up with staying positive even in very stressful and angering moments, that it has made me more Toxic simply from the anger and stress of having to keep in my anger and stay positive.

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You have a point, but the good outweighs the bad imo and requeueing is part of the game; some of us just queue up for a game or two in general and don’t want to play all night, or at least with the same people again. If you want to be sure not to have this, joining up with people on your friends list would be a good idea

This is a reason they need to IMPROVE them not REMOVE them.
People need to be able to endorse more than once per 24 hours and they need to know who to endorse in the first place, which isn’t easy if you don’t know what your teammates did and focused on your own gameplay.
Which is why I suggested to have an option to get a sneak peek of what players did after the game :

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Think of it this way: your issue with Endorsements is that you’re finding yourself with players you want to keep playing with too often.

Sure it would be nicer if they stayed but it would be much worse if you kept running into players you didn’t want to keep playing with :slight_smile: