Please, no more LucioBall


It’s honestly boring at this point… I’m hoping they give us another event game mode.


We beg you Blizzard XD No more…


Some of us live for Lucio Ball. If you dont like it, dont play it. It should be a permanent game mode imo.


I mean, sure, bring Lucioball back. Just… give us something new as well?


i was waiting a whole year for lucioh ball.
glad it returned


Lucioball was always coming since they always bring previous modes back anyway. For others, let’s just sit tight to see what else comes. :+1:


I’ve never played it. Oddly I’m here to play Overwatch, not Lucioball.


A new game mode please.


I just hope they give us another event along with Lucio ball as it’s getting really repetitive imo…


Lucio ball is fun though, A lot of people enjoy the game mode and waited a year to get it back after the first time it went live, If you don’t like it just go play QP or Comp, or one of the other many game mode’s they have active at once, The event is there for people who want to play it.


But wait! They’re going to spice it up a bit!
Everything is the same, but the map is Different!
Yaaaaaaaaay! -sighs- I hate Lucio ball…


Its a great mode and all,but we want something new,just like how they did in the archives,the uprising mode stayed,but they added a new mode aswell.


It’s boring for those who’ve went through it for 2 years in a row… The least they could do is give us another event game mode along with Lucio ball


But that would require Blizzard to put some actual effort into this lootbox sal-… err, I mean event.


Lucioball is fun for a few matches imo,its okay its returning,i guess we all expected it. But for me its really disappointing that we probably get nothing new. Map doesnt matter a bit in lucioball,i dont think anyone is hyped for busan.

Still hope we get a suprise but i highly doubt it at this point.




COPA LUCIOBALLLLL. I would love lucioball as a year round thing I could play. I love it. Best part about the summer games


I want lucio ball to return but i also want a brand new mode, if that’s what you’re implying then i agree with you but if there’s no lucio ball then i riot!


Really hoping for a new mode alongside Lucioball. This will be my 4th time playing it


i want that black watch event back trying to do that on legendary was actually challenging