Please nerf defense matrix already


Meka-Genji, just drop her boost cool down to 1 second, that should make everyone happy.


You can say the same about Mercy and her rez. You can’t balance it. The ability to bring people back to life is OP. But that’s what makes her unique. Same goes for Dva. Shields can block more damage than DM can. It pretty much can block everything including beams but Genji’s ult a Moira’s orbs and ult. So you just want her to block even more damage.
Something tells me you don’t ever play Dva cuz you give DM too much credit. It only lasts 2 sec and can easily be baited by focus fire. And boom, she has no self-defense and can’t peel.


it was already nerfed by 75% back then
what do you want 75% more?


I think DM by itself is fine as is. It only lasts 2 seconds for an entire bar of usage, and has a 1 second forced downtime. D.Va is a tank after all, and needs some form of damage mitigation to do her job.

What I think makes D.Va a bit more powerful than what she should be is the fact that she can use multiple abilities for defense, damage, and mobility all simultaneously.


Almost, but not quite. I can’t use her main guns while Defense Matrix is active.


Actualy dva was the second worst character when the game came out


It’s for Baby DVa. New alternative ultimate, she just swings it and hits her target out of the map, Babe Ruth style


No… DM is fine, leave D. Va alone


i heard it made her close to garbage, i still think it would be a decent ability but also it would be far too easy to bait it out, i never played the game when that was a thing though


You can use the missiles.


Never said I couldn’t. However, missiles only last for a second or two, then they go on cooldown.


I’d like it to be reverted.

It’d make the more ‘tankbuster’ characters much more viable and would be a healthy interaction especially for Roadhog, allowing Zarya bubble to peel after a hook but not DM, giving it some real merit over the matrix in a ‘save’ context.


Which isn’t exactly a drawback.


She needs a voiceline for it, like when she hits them out the map she says home run or something


Your argument is idiotic. You’re basically confirming what I’ve always thought about dps players that whine about it. You don’t get hit markers for shooting it so your epeen doesn’t get hard, it does exactly what barriers do and blocks damage.

Seriously. You moan about Dva being a fat dps instead of a tank whilst also moaning that she can stop damage.

Pick one.


Zarya is already more played than Also tank buster work very well except Repear but he need a buff.


its funny how the bubbles end up blocking as much damage as defense matrix


The one thing I don’t like is that DM swallows healing orbs from Moira. Defense Matrix is only supposed to defend against offensive actions.


This has nothing to do with offensive actions. It’s supposed to delete enemy projectiles. Enemy Moira’s orbs are both projectiles. Which is why she can eat both.


ill just leave this here