Please don't take away Symms photon barrier

Hi, Im a Symm main and recently I heard that they’re taking away Symms photon barrier and replacing it with a teleporter. Thats what I heard from Rejected Shotgunns video, but i think that the photon barrier is an incredibly usefull asset and is an essential part of Symms kit. I say this because with it you can save yourself, other team members, and 1v1 unlikely enemys. For example, when DVA ults and you find yourself in the middle of the point with no cover, whip out the barrier and save yourself along with any other team mates with you, caught in a junkrat trap and hear him limping towords you? charge an orb up, deploy the barrier and he’s toast. Can someon confirm this to me so i can go cry and start maining Zarya.


Just so you can read it from the source :heart:


I’ve compiled every shared Symmetra change in this thread! :heart:

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the most sad thing is you’ll no longer be able to see the beautiful oasis shield/teleporter skin more often, no longer protection to any dva bomb.

And also, her barrier yes, it’s super powerful, but i hope it doesn’t get destroyed by sombra’s emp, because if it does… that’s very stupid probably less effective than mercy’s ultimate. :confused:


Disappointing that it’s not an ability anymore. I loved shielding cheeky D.Va ults whenever I wanted. I guess at least now it potentially protects the entire team, but I dislike ultimates I have to hold to negate other ultimates. Ah well, guess that fits the defense category more.

Very sad to see a fallen ability :frowning: . I hope they salvage the barrier at least. I mean what will my scroll wheel do now. But yeah, I hope this is just very early trial stages and they’ll do what appropriate

But that’s basically how to use the teleporter

Are you aware of her new Ability replacing Photon Barrier?

What? I can put the teleporter up whenever I want, I don’t wait for enemies to ult first. I’m too busy fighting with my team to wait around and put a teleporter down when people die from

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Yeah, for sure. I think its an edequate ult but i really think her portable barrier should remain

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You’re free to do whatever you’d like. All I did was summarize what Geoff said so that it would help people who didn’t want to read his 73 replies

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Go ahead, the more exposure this topic gets the better <3

I mean yeah that is one way to put it but the moment you do that, the enemy is alerted to its prescence and can take it down before it gets any value.

I’ve taken advantage of Symms who do this on the enemy team. All you need to do is tell your team where it is, take it out, and then ult the enemy. It’s very easy.

Eh, because I’m an active Sym it doesn’t take long to get it back. It’s very rare that I get a game where my teleporter gets destroyed as soon as I put it up anyway. But I mainly just play Sym in QP and in Comp I play her on strong maps.

Edit: I might try that strategy with her rework though. If Symmetra is no longer considered a troll pick I will actually put time into learning her.

Use the teleporter.
Instead of staying where you are and blocking damage, you can literally just leave the area altogether or juke people out.

The fact Symmetra can place her teleporter 25 metres away and also shoot her turrets where ever she needs them is gonna make for some really deep gameplay.

Symmetra is gonna be playing 3D chess while we’re all playing checkers.

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Back in my day! Us Sym mains didn’t have no phootawn barriers! We had to microwave Genji and Tracer the hard way. Ya spoiled whipper snappers need ta roll with the punches.