Please don't remove shield generator, Blizzard

So all of the spots for it that Symms have learned for it, are now useless. A unique and interesting placeable ability will now be gone and Symm will no longer have any permanent buildings except turrets. I just dont see why, give her a choice of ults like right now between her wall and the shield gen. All the cool voice lines, and just shield gen as a concept will be gone for no reason, totally wasted even though its a great ability. Please keep Symm’s kit unique by not removing shield gen.


I’m glad it’s gone, no more:

“I’m getting the feeling they have a Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeld Generator” x10


Really don’t like the proposed changes as they are essentially deleting sym and introducing a new character.

That being said… if they are to keep it they need to put armor over shields or something. Combining torb/brig armor with it is stupid levels of oppressive that makes everyone on their team a tank.


I completely agree with first part.

Second part however, is simply not true at all. The Brig/Symm strat is so easily countered its laughable. But it is viable if youre smart and have the right other characters to fill the void that appears when you pick such short range heroes. But its certainly not op at all.

Friend that’s what I thought too, until me and my buddies ran it on attack as well as koth even against a pharmacy when we had no hitscans. Up until diamond (the average of our ranks) this combo just is too oppressive.

Im sorry but that means people arent countering it. Its the same with a lot of off meta comps or picks, people get dumbstruck and arent sure what to do. The amount of times i won with symm and brig simply because enemy refused to choose junk and more ranged damage options. Its only as oppressive as you let it be. Today in comp for example my team got rekt by a reaper, looking back at the game, there were a lot of mistakes we did regarding how we handled the reaper at certain parts of the match, since we did counter him properly in the first round, although he still did too much for how bad of a pick he was against our brigitte and pharah. Plus lower ranks can be weird, a lot of things work that shouldnt, but that doesnt make it op.

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Her teleporter is a permanent buildable lol

Its not, in the new patch it will be there for a short period of time then disappear and go on cooldown

Uhhhh where did Jeff say that??? It can be destroyed. It has 300 health from last he stated.

yea it can be destroyed while its being ‘casted’ aka when its there before it disappears but it goes away after a short window of time.

Sorry to say but if a Sym has a choice between a measly, easily destroyed Shield Generator or a map-spanning 5000 health barrier- any Sym that so much as thinks about putting down the Shield Generator is gonna get flamed to oblivion and back

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For me being a Sym main since the beta, im excited for all the new changes… Won’t really miss shield generator too much


Ummm no actually i can see a multitude of examples where the stable value of a shield gen is far better than a glorified rein shield. And you will find the wall to be far easier destroyed than a hidden shield gen but ok


Teleporter was almost always better than Shield Generator anyway- I rarely ever used it.

I will not miss it.

wat. Shield gen is literally the more stable and reliable option in almost every situation other than certain times and on first point 2cp/hybrid defence. In higher ranks you want to go shield gen 80% of the time.

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Seeing as how Symmetra rarely gets utilized beyond the initial point on any map where she sees use- I’d wager that not many people can concur with that analysis.

Teammates getting closer/ to the objective less than a second or two after death is more important than an increased health pool. What good are shields if no one’s around to use them?

The shield generator is a distraction at best, and an annoyance at worst. I’m glad it’s going away.

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Oh apparently you have inside knowledge on the new teleporter ability thank you for that information

Personally I can’t stand when the Sym on my team uses Shield Gen instead of Teleporter, I never notice a difference either defending with it or attacking into it, everything dies just as quickly

The only times I can understand choosing Shield Gen over Teleporter is after you lose the first point, though you should be switching off Sym when you lose the first point anyway

I totally agree, you took my words right out of my mind.
Please blizzard! Let us have the option of choosing between Shield Generator and Teleporter!

For B points, the TP is useless since the base is already so close to spawning room and likewise to some of the capture points maps.