Please don't remove shield generator, Blizzard

So a few sym players (very small portion of players) are disappointed. Great trade off when she might actually be good. Maybe it’ll actually be fun to play with a sym on my team now, because it sucks rn.

Shes arguably decent on defence throughout 2cp maps, which means second point defence too, on which tele is useless so shield gen is the only option. Thats one example. All KOTH map as well as builder health pool setups with torb or brigitte. Tele has no value if no one uses it, and it can be destroyed far easier than shield gen due to the nature of where u put it, as it cant be too far away or else its usefulness is diminshed. Shield gen proides constant value and works very well with low hp setups or flanker characters, etc. I really dont understand how much all of you are undervaluing the shield gen when literally every high ranking symmetra prefers it over tp in most situation.

Yeah inside information that everyone knows about because a developer stated it in a thread. But shhhhhh it’s secret.

Yea and she can be good WITH shield gen. Also dont overestimate her rework, from the looks of it her turrets are still going to be very easy to destroy and tele could be weird to use. Dont start on the shield ult, thats either going to be kinda useful or very useless.

Oh where did they state teleporter as an ability is permanent? I must have missed that detail please quote it

It was an easy to get rid of anyway, how sym is its going to be a lot more effective than shield gen ever was.

When they stated it was a buildable that teleported your allies. An ability that had health and could be destroyed. It’s weird how you’re trying to lie and say it’s a temporary ability to push your own agenda.

Pitiful really.

How individuals use a hero is what makes them “arguably decent” in any context.

I don’t typically use Symmetra on final point defense, but Anubis may be the one exception. In several instances I’ve used TP right next to the final point on defense where I found my teammates had died or were dying.

By proceeding to throw myself at the enemy to stall just long enough has allowed various teams I’m on to make it to the objective immediately and secure a number of victories. I’ve legitimately found through experience in my games that holding onto my teleporter is a more viable option than deploying a shield generator.

Shield generator’s range is lenient, but if a player isn’t inside it the same applies? What good is an SG to someone who just died and is back at B spawn?

Doesn’t this setup imply that shield generators are easier to destroy because they are typically further from the action and thus harder to defend?

This also doesn’t seem like a reinforced perspective for second point defense either as an SG will only likely be to the side or immediate backside of a point because putting it anywhere else means putting it out of your reach/protection or making it too accessible to the enemy team.

SG enforces characters with lighter health pools and “enables low HP setups”, sure. I find that TP has the potential to work well with heroes of all health and utility values and that it can provide more active and immediate support when needed in a pinch.

Really though shield generator could be useful at best and a waste at worse- just like teleporter. Neither of them were a very strong or impressive ULTIMATE ability because they’re both incredibly passive abilities that often required the player to disengage to use/build and so much could change in your absence.

I have no strong feelings about the upcoming ultimate- not until I use it myself, but I see the POTENTIAL to actively block dangerous abilities and even ultimates with a well-timed barrier placement which I feel has more value than either of the current abilities occupying her Q slot.

I never said it was temporary you’re the only one who asserted anything saying its permanent I asked for proof of it which considering you couldn’t quote any proof of it shows that your using it to push YOUR agenda

You have the same icon as the other person I was talking to which is Hella weird. Also I’m done arguing you. Pointless. Go look at the f***ing Symmetra thread loser.

Like damn. Use your mouse.

I did and not anywhere did they say its permanent in fact if you would take the time to look you would find this,

Now if you could bring a recent update by Geoff saying otherwise which I could not find please provide it

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It’s amazing in total mayhem tho. The other day I was running around as a permanent 850 hp Symmetra.