Please consider having an option to hide the border

Dear blizzard,
please consider having an option to hide the exp lever (borders) . at least, for comp games.
In my most games, as long as team loses, people always target me first and go toxic on me because they can see my borders.
I know I should let it go, but people always do this firstly to the player who got high exp border. It’s soooo painful in the game.
Please consider having an option to hide the border, at least for comp games.


No. Go away. Private profiles are already too much.


Apparently the border is going away with Overwatch 2 in favour of a different type of progression indication system.

Which is disappointing to me, because I’m a Diamond border on Xbox. Despite the fact that it makes me a target for toxic players, I think it looks awesome and I’m damn proud of it, too. I actually hate that it’s going away.

Lol. What does private profile change? You gonna see they main Sym or Torb and then make fun of them all game? Oooo, a mercy main, might as well harass her cause she plays mercy and nothing else. Gtfo. No one cares besides people who sit there and talk crap. Literally. Never had a single good spirited person on my team go, OH NO I CANT SEE WHAT YOU PLAY! Might as well make fun of you for being trash at what you chose. Get real, buddy.

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Yes, it allows me to see exactly what they’re experienced on, as well as their competitive history and current competative preformance. I want t know if said sym or torb has got a 50% win rate, 60% win rate, 70% winrate, or 5% win rate. It gives me and everyone on the team an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team, which may allow us to adequitely work around each other, provided people cooperate. At the moment, if I cant see your profile, and I suspect you are the weak link, you are automatically a boosted, inferior player with a 3% winrate. You cant prove otherwise.


I also want this. Btw. Lol. So many games where people who are actually sucking more than me have no come back other than, “YOU’RE DIAMOND BORDER IN PLAT! ST*U YOUR OPINIONS MEAN NOTHING” while they get dumpstered by their counters and wont swap. Oh ya, mob mentality kicks in when it’s all about the persons border, as well. Can’t say how many times I asked someone to swap after being countered IE Torb to Pharah or Genji to Winston whilst receiving support and still being useless. Then attacking me for my border level like their trash game play is my fault. They have no brain cells to come up with a real argument as to why they aren’t swapping and dying over n over other than I’m trash cause of my border.

Haha. Just had a game with two smurf DPS on tracer mccree not missing a single shot and calling my duo garbage for being 2000hours and that I should kill myself. Cool game. Lets hide borders.

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That doesn’t make any sense still. Regardless of what their win rate is, they’re still gonna play their picks. And if it’s a low win rate, you’re going to harass them to swap because they aren’t up to your standards in that specific match up. It creates toxicity. If they’re 90% win rate on soldier and they wanna play their 10% win rate torb, and you ask them nicely to swap and then they don’t, you will get your panties in a knot and the mob mentality will be to harass in match chat about how terrible he is and is throwing. You’re all in the same rank, that’s all you need to know. People buy boosts in this game and could be a 100% win rate widow till they get in your match without the booster and suck terribly.

Yeah, but now I can see it.
I’m probobly going to ask them to swap anyway. This’ll just give me justification. Or, it’ll tell me that perhapse they aren’t the problem after all, if I can see that I am wrong about them and they are compitent.

I may now we are, currently in the same rank. I dont know their history. They could be boosted. idk. The only way to know is to be able to see their history.

There is absolutely no good reason to have a hidden profile.


Yes there is, its called harassment. Which can stem from Time Played =/= Level Border and/or the rank someone is, harassing someone for maining a particular hero that one other may think is a throw hero, etc.

Dont give people reason to harass you instead of hiding your profile. In fact, hiding your profile just give people more reason to harass you, and gives you no way to disprove anything they say or believe. I dont get harassed. I dont hide my profile.

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negative, I have had SIGNIFICANTLY LESS harassment with my profile private. gives them nothing to look at so they have nothing to pick at and complain about.

That doesn’t matter. You’re still probobly doing the very thing you were getting harassed for. Playing poorly, playing hero’s you’re not good at, have a winrate <40%, havent improved in all the time you’ve been playing, and are still hard stuck in silver.

You cant disprove anything I’ve said there, since you hide your profile.

Congarats, you aren’t getting harassed. You’re still a bad player.


Congrats on proving our point and being very toxic about it for no reason

Exactly, see what I mean? I can still harass you. And you cant disprove anything I say. So stop hiding your profile so you can.


It is funny how some people want to hide the border, me as someone who was using several accounts even dont have silver border and it makes me sad. I wish my profile would be Platinum because that would be combination on my levels most likely.

You spend a lot of time in the game, being faithful to Overwatch, dont be so ashemed of your borders. Take it and show it as achievement, there is no weakness in having the border.

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You spoken the truth especially when blizzard give you new players on your team

I would like to say one more thing. I dont think I ever experienced toxicity in any game directed to someone with very high level without reason. Actualy only occasion when they were trashtalked was when they started to blaming others in team for loss or when they werent cooperative to play as team or for team.

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I was bullied cause my border is silver and I’m plat. Even tho I wish my border was diamond cause so beautiful :smiley:


they are getting rid of it in ow2 it was stated

No, no, no, no and no. Let’s not make spotting Smurfs outright impossible now just because a couple of people are unable to Report, Avoid, Mute and move on.

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